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Hi everybody. I have visited here and several of the other health boards because I knew something was going on, but wasn't quite sure what. I kept waking up with a stiff neck. Tuesday, I woke up with a stiff neck and pain shooting down my arm. I could find no relief for the pain. It reminded me of being in labor!!! I could not sleep, sit, stand, stand on my head(ha, I WOULD have if it would have helped!!!), etc. Wednsday I decided it was time to go to the dreaded doctor, ugh. However, she isn't in on Wed. so I called a chiropracter. She had me come in did a few tests(manipulation?) and told me she strongly believed I had a ruptured disc. She did a treatment and sent me over for xrays. She gave me some biofreez jell and told me to keep ice on it. I got worse. The pain just would not QUIT!!! I went and got xrayed. Before I took them back, I looked them over myself and saw that I had no "healthy curve" in my neck. It was straight up and down and just didn't look right. I cried all the way home. I thought after popping my neck and back and the electric shock treatment and massage I would start feeling better. It got even worse and I went to the ER. This is where it gets interesting. The doctor looked at me and asked me questions and I told him I had just had xrays done there and that a ruptured disc was supsected. He wasn't even going to look at them!!!!!! He told me I had bursitis in my shoulder and gave me a shot. I was STILL in pain and could not lift my left arm. He didn't beleive I was in EXTREME PAIN. He said, "You look so healthy". He finally pulled up the xrays of my neck. He said my neck was not in the best of shape. I had bridgeing between C4 and C5 and some other things I didn't quite catch. He still would not acknowledge the "ruptured disc" being suspected. He told me my neck would go back to its "healthy curve" after I could move my neck better and the pain subsided. Sure it will. He then told me to put heat on it and take Advil for pain. My husband laughed and I shook my head. He said, "Isn't that strong enough?" My husband told him I had been taking his Vicodin(he had knee surgery) with no effect whatsoever. He then decided to try another shot in my shoulder and prescribe the strongest Vicodin he could give me. Well, I got another shot in my shoulder join and could lift my left arm over my head............until I got home and the pain ALL CAME BACK. The pain medicine is almost like, well taking tylenol...doesn't phase me in the least. Back to square one!!!!!!!! I go Monday back to the chiropracter.
I had NO idea that a person could be in so much pain and find no relief!!! I feel for each and everyone one of you who suffer through this every single day.

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