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Hi Belle,

See my reply under your last post

You said your spinal problems were rare! Yes they were rare but your pain and emotions were not rare, they were like everyone of us, sore,very sore,confused, frightened, and in need of understanding.
So having experienced all of the above you will be and are of use to everyone here.

Never mind about not knowing the terminology like IDET etc What is IDET anyway ha~ha and I am a "Spiney"

I like you don't have to understand the terminology to understand what each and every one of the people who visit this board are going through, am I right?

So Belle, if you want to join in and help support others in their problems, DO SO Because you mentioned the most important word "SUPPORT"

Belle, each and every one of us here wether new or not has something to offer, take me for example! I am not a Doctor, and therefore any suggestions I make are that!!... suggestions based upon my experience. Like if someone was having problems with their spine and gave us clues as to their symptoms we could for example advise them that "In our opinion" they should go for an MRI, or if they were having bowel or bladder problems that had just came about,"In our opinion" they should get themselves quickly to ER or to their Neuro's, because we know through experience that, that is a warning sign for someone with spinal problems.

You also say that "Many of you I don't even know now"
So what's new? There are some on here that I don't know... "YET"... Either because they are new or comparitively new we have not had the chance to introduce ourselves yet, but again the word is "YET"

So any of you that don't know Belle yet, intoduce yourselves and get some advice from a smart Lady.

We are always here to help and support

for now,


Had C6 Vertebrectomy,ACDF with Decompression,Titanium Plate and Screws (MRI Compatible) 7th Aug 2002
Own bone from (R) Iliac Crest.
Doing Great!!!

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