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Hello all,

Has anyone had chiropratic manipulation after ACDF? My chiro is very good. He recommended I get an MRI while my family doc just sent me to PT. He also recommended I see a neurosurgeon after he looked at the MRI. So, he's not one of those chiros who promise to cure you in 30 visits.

My chiro said he can do manipulation after the neurosurgeon gives the OK. He said if I don't want my neck done he won't do it.

So, has anyone had manipulation to their neck? Does it feel different? I'm worried about messing up the surgery, even if my NS gives the go-ahead.


ACDF C5-6, C6-7 using donor bone, with titanium plate and screws

May I ask why you are even considering using a Chiro after sugery ( Was it OCT, this year????) as I am very confused.

In answer to your question, DO NOT let a Chiro near your neck, there are very delicate bones within your neck attached to muscles I didn't know exsisted which in turn are attached to each level of your neck.
I can not even imagine why a Chiro would want to go near your neck after having fusion, not unless he doesn't regard your wellbeing nor future health and just wants the $...

I can assure you my Nero-Surgon would go balistic if I even asked about the possibility.

to ALL,


Had C6 Vertebrectomy,ACDF with Decompression,Titanium Plate and Screws (MRI Compatible) 7th Aug 2002
Own bone from (R) Iliac Crest.
Doing Great!!!
But still with some Numbness
Hi Davy, Lori, Debbie, and Mothmin!

Yes, it was 2002 -- I've updated my profile...

I wasn't considering manipulation NOW. I just wanted to ask the question while it's on my mind. You've all given me some good advice.

I'm lucky to have a good chiro who's not out for $$$. In fact, my chiro benefits ran out in September, and he charged only the $15 copay between then and the surgery!

When I wasn't getting any relief, my chiro is the one who ordered an MRI. My family doc wouldn't order one and wanted me to go for more PT, without really knowing what was causing the pain! He sent me for PT last year, which gave me minimal relief. So in my case, hooray for chiros!

Again, my chiro said he can adjust the neck after ACDF, but if I don't want it, he'll stay away from that area. I still plan on seeing him for my sciatica -- his treatments give me much relief down there!

Maybe muscle stimulation would be OK, but again, not unless the neuro says it's OK. My neuro did tell me to stop using my percussive massager until he says it's OK to resume using it, so he's not against percussive massagers.

Davy, did I read right that you had NO collar? I'm glad my doc told me I could take off the collar when I'm not active, but sometimes my neck feels fatigued and the collar actually feels good! Do you get your strong neck muscles from weightlifting (or perhaps, tossing the caber?)

ACDF C5-6, C6-7 on 10/30/02, using donor bone, with titanium plate and screws

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