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The best advise I can offer is to read all these message going back a bit... you will see many of us have had pretty near or exactly what you have and are experiencing. My surgery was September 4th, and I am pain free now. Get reading and start finding a really good neuro surgeon. He will tell you your options, after reading your MRI...
This board made all the difference in my life and decision making... good luck and keep us posted.


ACDF fusion (c5c6) with titanium plate and screws using donor bone -
September 4, 2002.

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Hi Charlotte,Debbie and Mel,

For the life of me I cannot think why your Neuro wont operate on you???? What were his/her's reason's??
If you resided here in the UK they would operate successfuly on you as a matter of course.

Please get a further opinion from a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon who will work along side you to meet the best possible results for you.

I had to sack my first "God" Neurosurgeon... thought he was the best thing since sliced bread, I didn't and after saking him he was mortified, tuff I say!!!

My second Surgeon was first class and listened to me and quided me. I would suggest that you Charlotte and Mel get the same.

I am telling you here and now that your condition is operable according to your MRI findings above.

Hi Debbie, Hope things are going well for you

to ALL,


Merry Xmas and Happy Hogmany

Had C6 Vertebrectomy,ACDF with Decompression,Titanium Plate and Screws (MRI Compatible) 7th Aug 2002
Own bone from (R) Iliac Crest.
Doing Great!!!
But still with some Numbness, but in the past month or so has eased considerably... YES!!!!

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