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Re: To davy d
Nov 26, 2002
Hi Cathie

Both my legs felt as if they were tied off with the extreem numbness I had in them, also felt vey hot (legs) also both felt very heavy indeed.

I had pain in the neck (not much though) and pain in my back (lower) and between my shoulder blades.
Dizziness... Don't talk to me about the dizziness, I actualy had people say they thought I was drunk as I was stumbling about the place, lossing my balance but also feeling as if I was so completely off balance.. it really was so hellish!! ( The very clumsy all the time you mention eh?)

Pins and needles in my hands and arms but mostly at night and the grinding neck with the occasional popping was also very worrysome.

I would say I more or less had all of your symptoms and more with the exception of the tight throat.
The only tightness I had was tightness around my left middle rib cage, as if someone or thing was pulling on it, coupled with the burning numbness also.

Since my op I dont have any of the above with the exception of some residual numbness in my legs, but not anything compared to what it was like.

Oh, I also had headaches and pains that would shoot up the side of my neck and into my head, you know the type, whereby you have to stop doing what you are doing and just let it pass. I actualy thought that at times my temple was going to explode

Hope some of the above is of help to you Cathie

to you and yours,


p.s. If you need to talk more, I am here for you

Had C6 Vertebrectomy,ACDF with Decompression,Titanium Plate and Screws (MRI Compatible) 7th Aug 2002
Own bone from (R) Iliac Crest.
Doing Great!!!
But still with some Numbness

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