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I still don't have a firm diagnosis on anything, but I picked up my reports from my MRI and from my X-Ray of the sacrum/coccyx
The MRI of my C-Spine says,"the long TR reveals degenerative disc disease from spondylotic change within the cervical spine. There is a slight loss of the normal cervical lordosis. The axial images reveal posterior spurring of C4 and C5" ok my question is 1st does anyone know what any of that means, and 2nd is degenerative disc disease associated with AS at all?
My sacrum/coccyx says "the three and a portion of the fourth lower segments of the coccyx are markedly angulated anteriorly in to the true pelvic region. At a 90 degree angle, no evidence of fracture or dislocation. There is a 7.o mm calcification overlying the right side of the sacrum most likely a bone island (maybe a kidney stone, I pass them allot)

Does anyone have any ideas at all, because I was told that I may have AS , but no one is doing anything about the pain. Doctor's are telling me it really isn't that bad and that I'm too young , but I'm dying in pain all the time and I feel like I'm going crazy whit all these Doctors and no firm diagnosis.

Thanks ~ Tara
Could you first tell me what AS is?
I'm sorry about that AS is Ankelosing Spodylitus.
From what I have read on this, it says DDD can be caused by the spondylitis. I do not know how to read your MRI results though. Are you seeing a neuro? I recommend seeing a specialist when it comes to your spine. Most of us here have alot of experience with pain management and may be able to help you with what works and what doesn't. I am able to help more by knowing your symptoms. I have dealt with back and neck problems most of my life and have had many forms of treatments, and what I don't have experience with, somebody else here will most likely be able to help you with. Please list the docs you have seen so far, the treatments you have had, and your symptoms. Thankyou
Thanks for your reply. I have seen 2 Rhumetory DRs, one said rhumatory arthritis and ostoe arthritus. the other said i was just depressed and thats what caused the pain ?? Ortho looked a a pelvic xray and said the mass on my right hip joint was mild AS.
My lower back pain sysmptoms I have had for years but it worsend over time, My loer back aches and sometimes spreds out ward from the spine and down my legs. My neck pain started about 8 or 9 months ago, Burning sensation that shoots out to my shoulders and down my spine, sometimes I can get relief by tilting my head back a little and putting a heating pad under neath, it relaves the pressure I feel . The burning is spreding now it burns right under my right shoulder blade. I can't understand why with all those Xrays and MRIs they still have no real diagnosis mean while I spend a good portion of my day onthe heating pad or in a hot bath. I asked my PCP for refferal to Neuro but he didn't think that was neccassry yet.
Hoping the pain managment guy will give me a shot or something for pain. Thanks again for your reply ~Tara
Went to Pain Managment today, We are working with the diagnosis from ortho. But Dr. aggreed to give me shots of steriods in my neck YEAHHHHH I'm happy about that. I have a script for something called norco 10, I think that one is for pain so yeah again. I believe I have AS, it runs in our family, My aunt has fussion from AS on all but 3 vertbrea, they wouldn't diagnos her till the fussion started because she had a negative test for AS. I believe thats what I have, dont know if thats what "DDD related to spyndolitic changes" means but I will just give it time. As long as I'm getting the steriod shots I'm happy they really help!!
I don't know why they would not have a diagnosis yet either. I am glad you are atleast getting help with the pain right now. See how that goes, and if you are not satisfied with this, get a 2nd opinion fron a neuro. I don't blame you for wanting a firm diagnosis, because you then know what exactly you are dealing with. As far as pain management, I have DDD, stenosis, and had a laminectomy on a herniated disk. I have had physical therapy, anti-inflammatory meds., pain meds., epidurals and the surgery. Let me know how your pain management treatments go, OK? I hope it works well for you. I would like to hear you are doing better. The pain wears a person down. Good luck
Thanks so much, just knowing I am not the only one makes me feel better. NOT that anyone should have to go through this though. I think the main thing I hear more than anyhting is that 29 is too young to have these problems, maybe thats why the diagnosis is not set in stone just yet, plus this is a new group of doctors for me , other Doc.'s wouldn't even order tests so I just switched till I found one that at least took me seriously. Definitaly trying to see neuro.
Thanks for your ear Hope you are doing well
I was told the same thing about my back problems, that I was too young to have these problems, and have the back of a 70 year old. Gee Thanks!!! Anyway, I am doing well as far as the herniated disk and surgery goes, but i do still deal with the stenosis. Let me know how your treatments go!

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