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Dec 8, 2002
Hi All!! Well its been one week of trying to go back to my old way of life and its not going to good. After 3 days of cleaning housse, doing Launry and tryin to do wome excersie ( nothing crazy I swear to all you who know me) I am in horrible pain again. What gives! the pain is NOT in my neck or hip where I would expect it, but back in the arm, shoulder and hand again I though the double fusion 10 weeks ago was suppossed to free up the pinched nerves??? When I saw Dtr 2 weeks ago, he says perfect!! Xrays show everything is fusing and perfect. Do anything you want, no restricitons, come see me in 6 weeks again. I dont get it, I had the Surgery, I used my own bone, I did the plate, why in Gods name do I still have pain in the arm?? As long as i go back to NOTHING I am fine!! I had the Surgery because you all know, I dont like to do NOTHING and 6 months of NOTHING was very long for me! Now I have a new fear, When I was laid up over the summer with this neck thing, I Started geting pain way down on the left side of my back, not even my back its my butt, and my leg feels heavy and my first thought was not my back to?? It comes and goes, I did mention it to the Nuero, but he blew it off, said it was probaly Muscular, I know its not his feild anyway. I am getting that again and my leg falls asleep to, and I noticed when I am PMS like a week before it gets very bad. What the hell is this now?? Siactic nerve? I dont even want to know, I am just sick to death of Dtrs and all the [email protected]* that you know we all go through. Thats it just venting to ya all, I am soo dissapointed with my neck, I mean the scar looks great cant even see it, I am not stiff, but I will be damned, I am loading up on the Tylneol and Advil again Just when I thought I was getting better. I noticed some new people on here, some one from Canada with dogs! Hi!! I just got a Boston Terrier Pup which I think is similar to your British Bull Terrier!! June- how the heck are You?? Can you beleive its 10 weeks already. Has anyone hered from Darlray? I have not seen her on here in a long time!!!Lori

Double fusionC5-7 with own bone and plate Oct3,2002

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