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Hi Belle and all,
I have been reading some of your other posts on here .. I too have other probs besides my back .. Its just one of many and at the current time one of the worse.. I have posted both in the Back and Ms sections of the health boards .. and would apprieciate it if anyone who has the time could take a look and respond.. I also am currently being treated for depression . I am depressed there is no doubt about that .. I am not sure if it is a side effect of the Possible Ms which I have an appt with the Neurologist tommorow or if its because it seems My primary care physician doesnt take me seriously .. I went to his office back in July and saw one of the other Drs in his practice this Dr I went to school with we are the same age and made me feel worse by the time I walked out of his office .. First of all I went to him cause I hurt all over .. My Back my legs arms neck .. He said no one just hurts without injury never even looking at my mri findings.. And that I percieve pain differently then others .. that he too suffers from back pain but he lives with it.. I would love for him to live just one day in my body and have that same attitude the next time he sees me .. Told me I was depressed and anxious and that I was making him anxious just by talking to him .. Gave me a script for celexa and sent me on my way .. Sometimes I just feel like giving up that I am going to get no answers and will suffer the rest of my life ,,, Then other days I think i cant go thru this and that there has to be an answer somewhere .. I am to the point now til I can get some help I will keep going and going to as many Drs i can find til someone helps me Im 32 I cant live like this I have an 11 year old Daughter .. a husband .. A job .. and a life that has suffered so much the past few years .. Mainly this past year since January.. I hate seeing all these posts on here and how there are so many people out there who are also suffering because of uncaring physicians for the most part .. It took a Dr I work with to put everything together talk to the neuro and come up with the Possible MS diagnoses.. If it werent for him I would still just sit here and wonder what the heck it could be .. To have all these mutiple probs just start happening seems unbelievable .. but all too real for so many people ..,<A few symptoms I forgot to add to my other posts were left leg swelling for 3 years now with no answer to what causes it after numerous tests and this periodic buzzing in my head that seems to cause my face to tingle and go numb for a brief time when it happens this one happens many times thruout the day everyday> there is so much to keep track of I lose track .. Any responses that I recieve will be appreciated so much .. Thank You ,

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