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Hello to a fellow Californian! (My hometown is Downey)

My surgery was similar to yours, only lower (C5-C7). I didn't have the severe spinal cord compression, but I did have some impingement on the cord due to the ruptured discs. My tingling started in June 02 and the numbness and pain kicked in in September and then the symptoms spiraled upwards to where I could hardly use my right arm -- a real bother since I'm right-handed.

I am two weeks post surgery. I awoke with no pain in my right arm and was up walking 4 hours after the surgery ended. Since I used donor bone, I didn't have the hip pain some people have. The pain from the surgery was minimal and I was off all prescription meds in a week. I get some minor pain sometimes in my left elbow (go figure!)and the back of my neck, but OTC pain meds and Blue Stuff relieve the pain. I am in a soft collar and am allowed to take it off when I'm watching TV and playing on the computer. My doc said no driving while in the collar, so that means at least 3 weeks -- we'll see what he says at my first followup next week. Luckily, my hubbie works mids, so he's been able to ferry me around.

You'll note from this board that everyone has a different story to tell. Mine is probably one of the better ones, since most people wear some sort of hard collar or other "killer contraption", to quote Barb, and for longer times. Most people on this board get relief from having this surgery, but many have bad days or setbacks. I read many of the posts under this topic and felt reassured by most of them that I was doing the right thing. The people are very supportive of each other.

Keep on posting and let us know how your surgery goes!

ACDF C5-6, C6-7 on 10/30/02, using donor bone, with titanium plate and screws

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