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Hey Barb, your dtr sounds like mine!! Really MEAN!! I had a double Fusion with plat and scres on October 3. I am stillin brace and will be until end of this month. That amke 8 weeks total. Most peole on here are out of it in 4, alot in 2 the only ones in it for a really long time are people who use no Plates and Donor Bone. I went the whole route to cut my recovery time in half, Plate, my OWN bone, and I am still stuck in collar. I still have pain to, which really S#$%@CKS!!!!! My Dtr tole me 85% guarantee of no pain, so I am bummed. I am in my fifth week. I think My colar is the Philadelphia Torture jobber. It is foam and plastic, with a hole in the middle, real attractive. My whole neck is raw from it and I have tried everything, maxi pads, panty liners, silk scarves, bandanas. I am not sure how much different you sugery was then mine, but I know how you feel!!!! Lori

Double fusionC5-7 with own bone and plate Oct3,2002
hey barb, I think I must have had similar to what you had. I looked up you case on line and it sound alot like what I had done, but of course my Dtr never really go into it with me. I did go to one of the Top Neuro Guys around here at Robert Wood Hospital in New Brnswick NJ. My Dtr did not do much talking, only tell me how bad my neck was and that he could fix it no problem he does thousands a year. After Surgery all he said was see you in 6 weeks, then Wen I called for Appointment he said 8 weeks because I fell down the steps 3 weeks Post OP and caused some inflammation. He never realy go into it with me, which I am now thinking he should have. Lori

Double fusionC5-7 with own bone and plate Oct3,2002
Hi Lori,

I'm so glad I found this board. I'm so envious of anyone who is collar-only. The brace is HELL!!!! So sorry to hear that you fell down some steps--that must have been terrible!

I am sick to death of being bored. I used to complain that I didn't have enough time in the day to do all I had to and wish that time would pass more slowly. Now, the minutes just drag on and on. The days just don't move, and my neurosurgeon says that I am not allowed to do ANYTHING. It doesn't help that my left arm is still pretty useless, so I can't even read! (I can't bend my neck to put my nose in a book, and I can't use my left arm to hold a book up!)
(I'm SO glad I found this board!!!!)

I wish I could hibernate like a bear and just wake up in a couple of months!

By the way, you mentioned that our surgeries were similar; did you have an entire vertebra removed? I did--with the disks above and below.)

Hope to talk to you soon,
Ps: Barb, where was your incision made?? Mine is right down the front of my neck it is about 2 inches,it is healing really nicely, fading already, ONE good thing. Just courious if all is done the same or what Lori
Barb, I think you are worse off then me so I will quit my complaining. I take my neck brace off about 5 minutes a day and am no longer bandaged. Yes, I get your drift with the Men Appreciating what we do thing. My Husband has been a busy little Beaver, finally gets to seee what we Women are really capable of. Lori

Double fusionC5-7 with own bone and plate Oct3,2002

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