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Hello everyone,

I'm a 44 year old female with a history of right sided daily migraines and chronic cluster headaches. I do see Dr. Stephen Silberstein at the Philidelphia Headache Center for my headaches.

One day a few months ago something simple happened. I slightly moved in my chair and my neck cracked. After that simple movement, I have had constant pain in the right portion of my lower neck and shoulder. I also have a numbness and tingling sensation trailing down my right arm and into my hand. I am not new to pain, I am however new to degeneration.

Current medications: 10mg muscle relaxer and an anti-flamitory med.

X-Ray Results 08/20/2010

6 images were obtained. Degenerative disc disease is present from C4 to C7. Disc spaces are narrowed. Osteophytes are present. There is encroachment upon neural foramina bilaterally. There is no fracture or subluxation.

After my X-Ray, I went to PT for a month. My PT suggested further investigation due to the fact that I was not responding well to PT. He could not relax the right sided muscles that are tightened at base of my neck. Also, PT was causing more pain than relief.

MRI Results Without Contrast 10/19/2010

Findings: There is reversal of the lorditic curve in the cervical spine centered at C4-5. There is degenerative signal change involving the endplates at C5-6. No suspicious osseous lesions are seen.

C2-3: The disc space appears withing normal limits and the neural foramina are patent.

C3-4: The disc space appears within normal limits and the neural foraminia are patent.

C5-6: There is moderate degenerative disc space narrowing with a mild posterior and left posterolateral disc bulge with ridging. This effaces the left ventral thecal sac and abuts but does not narrow the cervical cord. It also contributes to mild left foraminial narrowing. There is mild bony foraminal narrowing on the right as well.

C6-7: There is moderate degenerative disc space narrowing and signal loss without evidence of significant disc bulge or herniation. The neural foramina are patent.

The intervertebral discs from C7 through t5 are unremarkable. The cervical cord is normal in caliber and signal. The cerebellar tonsils lie in normal location. The surrounding soft tissue structures are unremarkable.

IMPRESSION: Moderate degenerative disc disease with disc bulges and bony ridging C4-C5, C5-6, and C6-7. There is no evidence of focal extruded disc or central spinal stenosis. There is mild and bony foraminal narrowing at C5-6 bilaterally, accentuated by the left posterior disc bulge osteophyte complex.

I will continue to post comments/progress from my neurosurgeon. I'm located in Pennsylvania and looking for recommended neurosurgeons for a solid comparison of opinion. Please post if you know of any in my area. Also, if anyone has had a similar MRI result and can talk to me about mine that would be greatly appreciated also.

Wishes of PF days to all,


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