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I actually get a slight tingly/buzzing sensation on the right side of my tongue every once in a while. I also get numb arms, numb and/or tingling fingers, mostly my middle 3 on either hand; I've also had my right cheek go totally numb several times as well. It felt as if I had novacaine at the dentist and it affected a small area of the right side of my lips. I also get nerve pains & sensations all over my body. I was having a lot of problems while sleeping but finally found out for myself that both my arms/hands and my right cheek would go numb mostly while sleeping or laying down with my head bent back at all. I also found while sitting if my neck is too straight or bent back, this happens. Also when I cough, sneeze or laugh, I get massive sharp pins & needles over my entire upper back and chest. I finally just had an MRI on my neck and I spinal stenosis here now too. (I also have it in my lumbar spine). I have bones spurs on the right at C2-C3 with foraminal narrowing, mild stenosis at C6-C7 and severe stenosis at C5-C6 with a massive disc hernation that's pushing into my spinal cord as well as more bone spurs here butting into nerves. Obviously, I also have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, which is what's causing all the bone overgrowth and ligament thickening.

Since you already know you have OA, I'm not a doctor, but I would suggest you have your cervical spine MRI'd to see if you have any sort of stenosis in there. SOme of your symptoms are similiar to mine except I don't feel lightheaded. It sounds to me like you might be having some nerve compression, which is probably what the tongue & arm tingling is from. Many of my symptoms also occur depending on what position my head is in.

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