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I know exactly how you feel as mine problems were thought to be cardiac for the longest time. I went through all kinds of cardiac tests including a heart cath.
For what ever reason the MRIs & CTs did not show the severity of my problem for almost 2yrs. Even when it finally did show a hernation there were more surprises waiting for the surgeon during surgery. Which explained why I was in so much more pain then I should have been in for just that level.

By doing research & the help of a lot of good friends here I knew the C7 must have been involved although the MRI stated it was only C5-6. The C7 was ivolved as the C6 was putting a lot of pressure on the level below & at the same time the C7 was worn also a long with the C4. If you search under Dermatome charts you'll get a better understanding of what is causing what. After speaking to my surgeon post-op I was surprised to see just how accurate the chart was.
Good luck & let us know how it goes.

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