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hello, everyone,

i'm returning to the neurosurgeon tomorrow morning after postponing ACDF for the past year because my neurologist told me i had MS after a c-spine MRI revealed possible myelitis. it turns out the hyperintense signal they saw on MRI was a 2mm syringohydromyelia from c5 through t1 caused by impairment of CSF flow due to my pretty major c5-c6 herniation and bone spurs. i got this confirmed by a second and third opinion during the past several months. i also have bulges at c3-c4 and c4-c5 and degeneration at c6-c7, and bulges at just about every level from t1-S1.

my current symptoms include:
neck pain; rather intense interscapular pain; tightness in chest and rib cage; aching arms; burning/aching hands; pins & needles primarily on left side of my body, but in both feet and hands intermittently; tingling in the back of my head; left occipital pain; nausea, tightness in legs but no real weakness; stocking-glove sensation on lower left leg; intermittent urinary frequency; fatigue; and facial tingling. i wake up regularly with the pinky and ring fingers completely dead on my left hand when i'm sleeping on my right side. the sensation returns when i reposition myself.

(please note that i am also under a rheumatologist's care as there has been suspicion that i am also suffering from an autoimmune disorder.)

at any rate, i am going to revisit the whole ACDF procedure, and wanted to ask if anyone on the board might have any particular suggestions as to what i should bring up with the NS to help me be the most informed about my options?

i'm really scared and don't want to let my fear keep me from asking all the appropriate/necessary questions.

thank you so much,

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