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wow, sorry about the AVM hon. how many neurosurgeons and or interventional neuroradiologists have you consulted about actually treating your AVM? alot really CAN depend upon the actual expertise and overall knowledge of any good experienced neurosurgeon and neurorads who treat vascular malformations with coilings or other lil "things' they can use to try and at least take the AVM out of real circulation so it is not a threat anymore? but as you probably already know, that is an iffy thing at best depending upon just how your AVM just 'is', how its made up, and exactly where in your brain its located.

just where exactly does your MRI report place that hemangioma besides just being AT that c 7 level? it should tell in there the exact location of it? some can form within the cord like mine did, or just about anywhere within event the boney structures too? but if its in bone/vertebrae, you would not generally be experiencing the strong symptoms you are? that would HAVE to be affecting at least the spinal nerves to a degree as in impingment or in some way not allowing nerve flow thru them? was there any other findings in that report that stated heavy stenosis in one of the foramen or a herniation that is impacting any nerve roots?

knowing the very exacting location of your angioma would REALLY be much more helpful in what they can produce as far as symptoms go? location IS everything with these suckers. if you do not have your own reports, i would highly recommend that you obtain every single MRI or angiogram or any other types of scans you have had done since that AVM was discovered for your own files you just keep on yourself at home and so YOU can read thru them yourself and really see whats in them too?

if you could simply type out the very end of your MRI report or the "conclusion or summary" at the very end where they describe your angioma, it would really be very very helpful as far as giving you really good advice hon. depending upon just where this is located would dictate any real possible symptoms, so its really important. is there ANY possibility that the neck and arm numbness could be stemming from the location of your AVM? just another possibility with AVMs and where THEY get located within our brains too. if this is like your 'whole' neck area or actually starts above that c 7 level then it would more than likely not BE from that angioma. size of the angioma matters too, but this sounds like its only AT that one level?

they CAN tell if a vascular malformation is arterial like an avm or venous as a hemangioma would be. they can use an angiogram? if the little sucker actually "lights up" upon angiogram, then its an arterially fed like an AVM, if it does not, then its usually considered to be venous and hemangioma. this is how they determned my cavernous hemangioma was indeed that since my MRI actually called it without a doubt, and actual AVM?? that was insane let me tell ya. so i did ALOT of research on AVMs since i supposedly had one according to the report in my spinal cord. could not get the needed angio for months, so i drove myself crazy reading about avms that whole time.

how long ago was the AVM discovered and by what type of scan? have they ever actually done a good angio on it? what type of doc are you seeing for monitoring of the AVM?
if you could just answer the questions i have asked, it would help tons in trying to help you in the very best way. the exact word for word description and location of that hemangioma(just exactly how the interpretting rad wrote this) really IS pretty crucial for me to know. like i mentioned above, they can be either IN the cord, outside the cord, in the bone or just about anywhere in there, so just stating its at c 7 really is kinda vaugue. that gives me the level but not where "IT" is at in location itself, ya know what i mean? marcia

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