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Hi Jason,
I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain.

Although none of us can give you proffesional advice such as a doctor we can share our experiances & what we may have learned a long the way.

Sounds like you have a lot going on in there.
I assume your going to be visiting a surgeon if you have not already done so.
You really need a surgeon's opinion.

I'm no expert but will give it a try.
Sounds like your spinal canal could have been a little more at risk to begin with with the congenital narrowing, congenital means born with.

Your C4-5 & 5-6 appear to be the most severe of the actual injuries with the impingement on the thecal sac & I'm assuming your biggest threat to your cord. I could be wrong but the others seem to be bulged & not herniated. Those are the areas I would be questioning. Of course you want to ask any surgeon you see what problems could the other levels be causing you.
Also when one level is severe it could be creating added pressure on another level. Which occured in my situation.

As far as the Facet Hypertrophy, there are facet joints & these allow us movement such as bending, twisting, ect.. There is extra bone which is normal to an extent but to much can cause problems especially with injuries thrown in. Sorry not the best at explaining.

Its understandable why your experiancing so much pain & headaches. I had hernation at C5-6 with the levels above effected by DDD & cord involvment. I developed the worst headaches you could ever imagine with in weeks or my surgery.

I'm sure your experiancing some effects from your lumbar injuries also. I have both cervical & lumbar injuries & its painful & exhausting.

Who are you being seen by now?
Do not let a Chiro treat these injuries with out consulting a surgeon. You can get into a good PM & try the ESIs & facet joint blocks but they they are like medications & only a temp. bandaide. Some have great success others nothing.
The medication your on is not going to touch the pain your experiancing from your injuries.
You may have tried both but moist heat & ice can help at times. If heat does give you any relief you may want to try something like the thermacare patch. A gentle massage may bring you temp. relief also. Until you get into a good doctor you can ask about trying motrin or another anti-inflammatory if you have not already done so. Ice seems to help me the most when I'm really hurting. I tend to rotate the ice with moist heat. Moist heat to help relax the muscles & ice to help reduce inflammation.

Use preventative measures by not lifting & watching how much you bend. Use the knees if need be & not the back. Do not bend the neck in any position for any length of time if you can avoid it. Hard with your job I know.

You can ask about trying a soft cervical collar which you can purchase at your local drug stores or med supplies or perhaps some sort of back brace for the lumbar.
Also make sure you use a good pillow.

Really you need to get an opinioin from a good surgeon & in the mean time get into a good pain management doctor. After all you have 2 different levels & even if they attempt surgery on one you may have to wait for the other & in the mean time you may require good care to get some quality back in your life. Such a shame with 2 young daughters.

I have the ESIs every so often & in some areas I do get relief. There is not telling how long it will last. For example I had one in early Oct & my pain is slowly increasing but my hands still feel a lot better then before the injections.

You can also do a search for dermatome charts & this can help you understand how the spine is impacting your body, such as the shoulders, fingers, legs, etc..Such as the C5-6 can cause pain in the shoulder area, what part's of the body L5 & S1 effects. Kind of helps you get a better understanding of where your pain is coming from. For example I knew when I researched the charts my C7 was involved some how but nothing appeared on the MRI.
Although during surgery my surgeon found the C7 was indeed involved in my injury & causing some of my pain & symptoms.

I hope this has helps some. I wish I was better at explaining & hopefully others will chime in.
As I mentioned get into the right doctors & if you can let us know how it goes.
Good luck & god bless, Sammy
[QUOTE=garagenpower;4626171]so i went back to the pain institue yesterday and explained to them that the meds were absolutly not working and he gave me percoset 5 /325 and told me to take 2 at a time,,, it didnt touch the pain and only made my stomach hurt.... i also exlpained to him my headaches in the back of my head were getting worse and worsei just cant beleive this is what my life has become.....

Hello again Jason. I'm surprised percoet 5/325 caused you stomach pain. Oxycodone an tyneol don't cause stomach pain as far as I know. I suspect there is something going on inside your stomach other than the pain in the neck. Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to help here. They should check your stomach. That's one thing.

Second thing, I can understand your doctor not giving you more than percocet 5/325 to take it 2 at a time - He is AFRAID to start you on narcotics. Doctors don't really want us to be on narcotic for life. But that's how it starts we all started on percocet/vicdine and then up the ladder to oxycontin etc;;;

THe headaches in the back of your head caused by the whiplash. When a whiplash happens, please don't get upset or sad when you hear that, well, when a whiplash happens tendons, ligaments and muscles get damaged sometimes for life. (It's called soft tissue damage)But those tendons and ligamets and muscles cause you this headaches cause they hold your head. That's what I was told. I also got CRAZY after the accident. I suffered and suffer tremendously and without pain meds I would lose my mind just like you so I know what you are going trough. All it took was one second to change your life for ever.

PLease understand that doctors have to be sure they don't rx you narcotics so quickly since the accident happened not long ago.

So try your best to take it easy. You're going now to your neurosurgeon and he's going to tell you what to do.

Sounds like you had a severe whiplash and might need a surgery. I can't tell you, I'm not a doctor. United States has a good medical system and I believe doctors will be able to give you back some of your quality of life. It's not like you live in a third world country. I just want to cheer you up somehow.
You're talking now with somebody who had been in a car accident 5 years ago and still suffer. I now also believe I have TMJ. When you go to court you wil need to explain them. You might have sleepin problems in the future. It's really hard to sleep with neck pain:(

I also didn't know it will happen to me to. So I really feel for you.

Let me/us know what your neurosurgeon discussed with you;;;all right?
Well that PM is crazy. After looking at your MRI results he should be trying something. Did he offer or try any nerve blocks, injections etc...? Why would he even prescribe 5-325s of Percocet instead of one 10-325, the less Tylenol the better off you are. For that matter I was taking 2 10-325s after my shoulder surgery for a while. It was short term & now I'm on the 5-325s because my insurance wont cover the 10s. I'm asking for a change my next appointment as I don't trust all the Tyle. after all these years.

Shisslak, I agree to a point. There definantly has to be an evaluation by a surgeon but in the mean time noone should be left to suffer. As I have said 100 times we don't let animals suffer. He has proof of his injuries & better attempts should be made. There are different meds that can be tried. I have nerve pain & spent 3 days in the hospital with it out of control. I felt the same, wanted to chop my arm off it was so bad. Took IV meds to bring it under control & my PM to work on keeping me out of the hospital. Before my CP I was anti drugs big time, but this is different. Its a matter of living with some quality in your life. You & your family are worth it.

This PM needs to be replaced.
Perhaps I'm wrong but I don't think so, with all the injuries there may be need for a good PM.
Maybe the surgeon can suggest someone or another doctor. No way will 2 5-325s of percocet touch this type of pain. First of all nerve pain can set the muscles off big time. There is often a pain med, muscle relaxer & if one can tolerate an anti inflammatory. Sounds like a lot but there's a lot going on in there. There are options & this PM is not trying very hard. There are meds used for nerve pain. Some get a lot of relief from those type of meds.

If I had my way I'd flush every med down the toilet but that is not going to happen & I have a family that needs me. So I fight for the best relief I can get.
No street drugs ever of not one doctor will touch you.
Get your PCP or who ever involved & get into a PM that will give you better care. Get an evaluation from this surgeon & let him know your having bladder problems, This can be deemed urgent.

The most important thing is finding the best doctors, surgeons & PMs you can find. You'll want the best trust me.

Do not let this PM cause you to loose hope. With that MRI you should be able to get decent care. Right now the getting into a surgeon asap is the most important thing a long with finding a good PM.

Another doctor can get you in sooner. So use whoever you have to & tell them just how bad your suffering.

I had a list of names from doctors & my SIL called half & I called the other half. I came right out & asked the receptionist if the doctor was compassionate. I also went on line & looked at their web sites for those who had them. They usually list the treaments offered, including med therapy.

Every ER is different but worse comes to worse go for it as some point you have to explore all options if your not getting the help you need.

My heart goes out to you & I pray you find good care. Remember just as Angel said there are people here who understand & care.

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