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I am going to have an acdf in about a week. I am supposed to follow up that surgery in about 6 weeks with a total left knee surgery. Will I be able to do the knee therapy or am I just kidding myself. I was supposed to have the knee done today as a matter of fact, but then blew out my neck about 6 weeks ago.
The pain in the neck is so much better, but have a lot of right arm involvement with numbness and weakness and do not want to wait for fear of losing the ability to get back my strength.
I am an avid lady golfer with a scratch handicap, and compete in national events so as you can see, golfing will be something I want to be able to continue to do at a high level.
My orthopedic surgeon kind of came across as this was not going to be that invasive a surgery, and I would be about in no time. Now I am reading some of these posts, and wondering if I should give this more time to heal. The main problem as I see it is the right arm and hand and loss of strength and coordination.
Can anyone out there tell me if I will be able to rehab a total knee 6 weeks after this surgery in all honesty. My surgeons have not considered it to be a problem, but what are the experiences out there. I could really use some input.
I have only had one other surgery- a partial knee replacement 8 yrs ago, which failed miserably. Hope this is far better. Thanks for any help.
This is a spine center with only surgeons that work on spines, and my Dr. says he does more cervical work. I would have to wait 2 months to get into a neurosurgeon
With my right hand being weak and numb I kind of hate to wait. Do you think this type of surgery is uncomplicated enough not to warrant a neurosurgeon.

Not Jenny, but I'll put in my two cents here.. I am 5 days post op on a 1 level ACDF with cadaver bone and instrumentation. I chose to go with a neurosurgeon due the nature of the surgery and the fact that it dealt more with nerves and spinal cord than bone, in my opinion. However, I feel that more important than whether you choose ortho or neuro is that the surgeon you choose is very experienced.

My NS is a butcher, and I say that in the kindest way possible. He does 330 ACDF surgeries every year. With an average of 2-3 done every surgery day, there is little he hasn't seen. This was very comforting to me, to know that no matter what happened, my surgeon wouldn't be saying "Hmm, never seen that before," while I was under the knife.

At 5 days post op, I am feeling better than I ever thought possible. Is it painful? Yes, but the pain is different than before. My pain pre surgery consisted of about 70% neck and shoulder pain, 30% arm pain along with tingling, burning, and numbness in my left arm/hand.

As soon as I woke up from the surgery, even while in recovery I felt relief of my neck pain. The stabbing, aching, nauseous, debilitating pain I had been dealing with for 8 months since my car accident had changed into something much softer and different, something from which I could recover. And every day it gets a bit better.

My arm symptoms were much improved. I have no more pain in my arm or shoulder and only very minor weakness which I can tell is a lack of muscle tone. The tingling/burning/numbness in my fingers is about 90% improved. As I understand it, the remaining sensation may take up to a year to heal, but if I have this much improvement so soon it stands to reason it will all come back.

On to the question about knee surgery so soon after an ACDF surgery.. I don't have any experience with that and being so soon out of my ACDF surgery I can't even venture an educated guess. I suppose I would ask my surgeon if he feels it is feasible. 6 weeks between major surgeries sounds a little close to me.

Good luck with your decision.

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