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You could go ahead and do just that and it shouldn't affect your ability to turn your's at the level of your shoulders. That would prevent any further damage to your right hand.

But keep watching for any symptoms of stenosis and start thinking of what you want to do for that. The laminoplasty is getting to be a better and better surgery and the use is spreading. They actually open the back of the spine and rebuild it to double the room for the cord but still keep it protected from damage by replacing the bone back over the cord. It's fascinating. That would give you time to get your knee fixed and then start looking into the surgery and find a doc who does it and get under care so when the time comes, you have the team to do it who can do it right.

Stenosis does not necessarily cause pain...mine didn't. I got numb toes and stiff stiff by the end of the day I took baby steps and started to walk a bit like a drunk. I dropped things a lot. I'm a Type 2 diabetic and it stopped hurting when I did my finger sticks. I was basically becoming paralyzed from the neck down but it was so subtle and painless, I had no idea. That was until I was outside shoveling snow after a big storm and I went numb from the neck down. I put down the shovel and went inside and called my doc.

You need to watch for muscles that don't work right, subtle weakness, numbness anywhere from the neck on down.

But now that I know they are just doing C6-7, that should be okay and you will get relief without much change in turning.

Whew! I was afraid they were going to do C4- T1 and you'd be in for the long haul. But you do need to start figuring out how to keep golfing with the other problems. In case you are interested, the hospital that did my neck did Jack Nicholas' hip. Chief of neurosurgery is one of the tops in the world. Even the spine docs at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC told me if I had him for a doc, I didn't need them. Be glad to help you see him if you are interested in coming to Boston.

I think the plan right now will be had me worried for a minute!

gentle hugs...........Jenny
Wow. I didn't get NEARLY that detailed an analysis of my MRI. However, your situation is very much like mine. The short version is that early in 2010, I experienced about 3 months of excruciating pain. I had a steriod epidural, and after about two weeks I was OK again. That lasted 3 months. I went to my surgeon, who told me that I didn't need surgery, and I went away relieved. A week later, the pain hit again. Not as bad as the first time, but bad. It prompted me to make the appointment for the ACDF surgery. Naturally, four days before the surgery, the pain backed off again.

I called my doctor and said, basically, "You have to GUARANTEE me that the pain is coming back". He said he couldn't quite do that, but he COULD assure me that it wouldn't ever get better and that it most PROBABLY would come back. I asked him what HE would do, and he said that given the number of days in the last year that I spent in pain, that statistically, it was probably a reasonable decision to have the surgery. I agreed. It was either have the surgery now, while I'm prepared and otherwise healthy and up for it, or wait on pins and needles for the pain to recur, and then have the surgery.

Based on the way it came back the first time, I'm sure it was the right thing to do and I'm glad I got it over with.

As a golfer, and believe me I understand how important it is in your life, I would warn you: Don't think you're gonna have this done and then quickly be out on the course. Golf torques your neck in extreme ways. Golf probably has a lot to do with the number of discs you've got a problem with. Golf is not back or neck healthy. You're not going to be able to play for a solid 6 months, nor would you want to, when you consider that you're putting your fusion at risk. If you think you're going to get this over with and be immediately back on the course, you're probably better off not doing it and treating the pain. It doesn't work that way.

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