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Has your surgeon prescribed physical therapy? I had cervical spine surgery in June 2010 and I was feeling great post surgery with the exception of a very painful right arm. It was original thought to have been positional, however, after two months, my surgeon ordered another cervical spine MRI and it turns of that another piece of disc was sitting on a nerve root. My surgeon ordered cervical traction to be added to my physical therapy regiment and after heat, massage, therapy excercises and cervical traction, the pain has finally subsided. I also have stopped having constant tinglinging in my right hand.
I have also found out that even thought my surgery was 5 1/2 months ago, when I lift anything greater than 10 pounds, my right arm is sore the next day.
Nerves do take time to heal and when I had my surgery, my surgeon did tell me that my recovery would take at least 1 year to 18 months. That does not mean that you can not call your surgeons office an inquire if the symptoms that you are feeling are normal post op symptoms or it these new symptoms are something that should concern you.
Let me know how you are feeling.

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