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I posted my MRI results last week. I had ACDF C5-6 in 2007. I've been having recent problems and chronic ones. These are from the CT scan I had yesterday:
(what's most important only)
C5-6 there is a moderate sized broad based left paracentral ridge which compresses the adjacent ventral portion of the spinal cord. There is moderate spinal stenosis.

C6-7 there is a large broad-based right paracentral/lateral disc herniation that compresses the adjacent right ventrolateral portion of the spinal cord and extends into the proxmal right C6-7 neural foramen. There is secondary severe central spinal stenosis and moderate right neural foraminal stenosis.

Stable chronic post-operative changes secondary to anterior spinal fusion at C5-6.
Large broad-based right paracentral/lateral disc herniation at C6-7 resulting in secondary severe spinal stenosis.
Prominent broad-based left paracentral osseous ride at C5-6 with secondary moderate spinal stenosis.

So, the orthopedist called and said there's nothing he can do for me and I should have a surgical consult with my former neurosurgeon. I faxed the reports to the neurosurgeon and am waiting for them to call me back. I kind of assume I will need more surgery, but am wondering how dangerous/urgent or not my situation is. Will I need surgery? How soon? Can I avoid it? Would it be ACDF C5-7?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can't believe this is happening just 3 years after my first ACDF.


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