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hi frenchfri,

i saw your post on the other thread asking about how i'm doing, so i figured i'd respond here. i am going for an x-ray and my 6-week post-op check this Friday so this question is also helpful for me. i'll be interested to see if anyone has any other suggestions for you.

i am doing okay for the most part. i still have some tightness and pain at the base of my neck and across the tops of my shoulders, and when i take my brace off to shower, i get sort of a lump in my throat which goes away pretty quickly after putting my brace back on. i did have trouble swallowing for the first couple of weeks, but that has improved--most notably in the past week when i have been able to swallow my multi-vitamin again. i did not have the complications you described with the swelling, etc., and i am so sorry that happened to you.

i am sleeping in my bed again, but can only lay flat on my back with a very flat pillow. when i try to sleep on my side, it's still rather uncomfortable.

i have not yet driven. since i was told to wear my brace at all times, my range of motion isn't good enough to drive safely. i did ride in a car for about an hour the other day and that wasn't too bad, but i had the seat reclined way back and moved around a lot. i can see where being in one position in the driver's seat would have made you very tired and brought on some pain. i hope to get clearance from my neurosurgeon to cast off this darn neck brace and get behind the wheel again after friday. i will try to approach it as i have other "normal life" activities since my surgery--i will take baby steps.

my biggest concern at this point is the fact that i developed two DVTs post-surgery and i am on coumadin therapy to control them. i still have pain in my leg and i am still rather scared about the blood clots loosening and traveling into my lungs or heart. i have been pretty mobile since returning from the hospital, but it didn't seem to make a difference. the docs are all thinking i have a clotting disorder in my family since i am the 4th person out of the 7 of us to experience a DVT.

i hope you are doing better on your end, and i'm glad you are reconnecting with the folks at your work and that they have been so supportive of you. i know things will continue to improve and you will be back on your feet really soon.

in the mean time, don't hesitate to contact me via private message if you want to chat more. i will be interested to hear how your appointment goes for you. i will update you on mine.

blessings and healing thoughts coming your way...

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