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jennybyc- You mentioned that yo fuse in 6 months. Do you know how long it takes to see some bone growth on an x ray. Just curious. I am 6 weeks post op of 2 level ACDF using a bone stimulator 4 hours a day
jennybyc, Thanks for your reply. I had an appt at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and one planned for another month. The OSS takes x rays, does an exam and answers all of my questions. I also wear a bone stim for 4 hours a day. I know I just got my notes from surgery, they used a PEEK cage with BMP within and it seems outside also along with bone pieces or fragments. A plate from matronics. Sorry that you fell backwards, must have been scary.
No bone growth at 6 weeks :( I am concerned because of severe DDD and arthritis. I don't have rheumatoid arthritis but it runs in my family. I am not a smoker. I am just scared that I am going to be one of the few who do not fuse and need additional surgery. I am trying to be patient, but I am emotionally going out of my mind. Physically I am behaving myself, no lifting more than 5 pounds.
Thanks for all of your support it si most helpful. :)
RA doesn't usually affect the spine except for C1-2 so don't worry about that. So I would just keep on doing what you're doing and see what they find in another month.

Eat lots of calcium rich foods and take some Vit. D....1000 IU's a day is what I take. I have osteoporosis and I get an IV treatment once a year for it but other than that, I just take my Vit. D and eat lots of yogurt and cottage cheese. Haven't even had to take calcium supplements as the D brings the level up by itself. So eat your dairy and green leafy veggies and take some will help with bone growth.

Once you are all fused, have yourself checked for osteoporosis with a bone density test...painless and quick. You need a strong spine! No one checked me prior to surgery and it turned out I had a big problem so I'm surprised I fused so well. It should be part of the pre-op in my mind. Guess that new stuff did a good job!

Hang in there and wait and see.

Wonder why RA only affects C1-2 and not the others. Strong family history of RA. I had mega does of Vit D when mine were low about a year ago. I eat a few yogurts every day along with milk and cheese. Not as good with the green leafy veggies. I plan on calling the GP and/or Gyn about the bone density test. While I am out of work it will be easy for me to get to an appt as opposed to when I start working again. I am not a patient person, but I am trying to be strong and wait until my next appt.
Good luck to you too. Stay warm and strong. :)
If RA is non-issue, what about OA? Cause I was diagnosed with OA 2 years ago in just about every discernible joint and possible place to have it?

Also, swelling, how much is normal in a 3 level ACDF? I've got discernible swelling on the wound side of my neck, actually had to loosen my collar cause it was starting to choke me. Is this normal or should I get on the horn to my NS and start complaining?

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