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I can't actually say. I know I had x-rays at 3 weeks that showed fusion starting(I fell backwards and hit my head on the fridge) but I had an experimental bone putty that is still in clinical trials and not the regular bone soaked in BMP. So it is expected to grow even faster and fuse faster than the current treatments.

Your doc should see some growth by 6 weeks and then make sure you get another check around 6 months with x-rays. I've talked to others here who have missed that check-up(or wasn't done) and that seems to be the time when they know you are fused. If not, then they need to act.

My first neck surgery, I had 4 bone grafts put in(bone soaked in BMP). At 3 months, my neck shifted(I dislocated 5 vertebrae) and 3 of the 4 broke away from the vertebrae, one falling into the spinal canal and doing a lot of damage so obviously, bone soaked in BMP does not grow as fast as the new putty that was used to fix those fractures. It survived my falling, rolling backwards and hitting the fridge...hard.

But in talking to someone who had major problems with a failure to fuse, they should something no later than 3 months.

gentle hugs.............Jenny

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