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Hi everyone. I've been trying to find some answers to health problems I've been having for nearly three months, I'm wondering if this is related to the C-Spine problems.

I've had a clean EMG but my problems continue. I'm taking Neurotin now, 300mg at night, and Xanax to calm the nerve pain.

I fell asleep on the couch Nov. 4 with my hands over my head and my feet hanging off the edge (with heavy shoes one). I woke with a migraine, took a half a Vicodin and about an hour later an Imitrex. The next day my right arm hurt so bad (at the ulnar nerve) that I could barely use it. I had numbness and tingling over my right shoulderblade. I was shaky and felt awful, like my nerves were firing wrong and looping (not sure how else to explain it). Three or four days later the right arm was Ok but the pain moved to the left arm and down the left leg. I've had muscle twitches (random all over) and strange sensory stuff, feeling of being burned, of cold water running down my leg, tingling, areas that feel like bruises that aren't there. My left bicep and left ulnar nerve are most impacted. I kind'a limp now too from the nerve pain. The left leg seems to be getting better but the arm pain comes and goes. If I rest my hands on the table, the arm feels like it's numb.

I've had an EMG and they didn't find anything.

I had an MRI of the neck first and the doctor said my problems were likely from the c-spine. When I asked my leg wasn't right, he said I probably had the same thing down back.

Here's the findings:
C3: Minimal bulging and uncinate spurring without significant stenosis. CSF maintained around cord.
C4-5 shallow protrusion and bony ridge contact cord without flattening.
C5-6 protrusion and bony ridge with cervical stenosis and minimal cord impression.
C6-7 right paracentral protrusion with uncinate spur with core impression and compromise right C7 nerve root.

I asked my left side was so messed up when the herination is on the right. They said it could be referred pain.

Could the above be responsible for these freaky and very scary problems? I don't feel sick, I just don't feel right and it's causing a lot of anxiety. I'm hoping around to different doctors trying to be sure this is the case. How can you just wake up like this? I know I slept wrong but it's been three months and this getting really fustrating. Should I go back to the doc and ask for an MRI of the entire back? I hate to run to every specialist on planet earth if this is, in fact, the problem. Can this even be fixed?

Thanks for the support.

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