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Your neck could be causing all of your problems. Once something touches your spinal cord, it can cause problems down to your toes.

Pressure on your spinal cord transfers down into the deeper nerves of the cord and you can have muscle dysfunction and numbness/tingling anywhere below the level of the pressure. You have minimal cord compression at C4-5 and C5-6 so you can develop problems from your shoulders on down. As for the left arm hurting from a right sided problem, yeah, that referred pain does happen.

Why so sudden? It happens. I had no idea I had a neck problem until one day when I was shoveling snow and I picked up one shovelful too many and suddenly went numb form the neck down. Turned out I had cord compression from C3 on down and my cord was actually compressed so badly is was flat as a pancake and half normal thickness.

The cord doesn't feel pain, just like the brain doesn't feel pain. The pain comes from the spinal nerves that get the C7 nerve that is compressed and hurting your arms. But the cord tells you in a different causes numbness or muscles that just don't work right, or reflexes that are off the walls or stiffness.....all sorts of weird things that you would never imagine come from a neck problem. Shocked me for sure.

You might have problems with the rest of your back but I can guarantee that the neck can cause your problems...I had the same thing. Can it be fixed....yes, but I doubt you would be a candidate for surgery at this point. Surgery can cause problems......about a 3% paralysis rate post-op. So they wait a long time to fix you just in case. But physical therapy can help and meds for pain and muscle spasms help and learning to protect your neck helps too. My husband always used to sleep with his arms folded behind his neck and always complained about strange pains. I got him to stop that and a lot of his pains went away....really bad position for anyones neck!

Talk to your doc and see what they think you need to do next. Your MRI is not bad. You have problems developing but a long way to go before you need any kind of intervention. But there are lots of ways to treat it for now.

Let me know what the doc suggests, okay?

hugs............Jenny(fused from C3 to T1)

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