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Pre-ACDF surgery: After being on pain meds for over 3 years because I couldn't get an MRI to solve my pain in neck, I still get angered over the response I received when I went into ER with a herniated disc that led to bone spur break that blocked my nerve. Extreme pain radiated down my arm and it was unbearable. Solution: ACDF on c5-6 & c6-7, done on 11/29/10.

11/29: Went to ER and triage treated me like I was a crackhead. Attempted to get hospital report, it took one month for my request to be submitted, and then another couple of weeks only to get a statement saying it will cost me $60 to get. WOW, $60!! REALLY? Also a note: A processing fee will be charged if a request is cancelled. (wonder how much that will cost me)

My question: Since all our medical records are now in cyberspace, will I constantly be judged by medical professionals because of my outburst in ER? I felt like I was being poorly treated because of the pain meds I was on. When I ran out of the meds my pain level hit [COLOR="black"][B]15+ [/B][/COLOR]. I tearfully begged the triage guy to have a little bit of compassion because I was in so much pain. I also wished some of that pain on him AND my primary physician who gave me naproxen which never helped (and remember, it took me 3 years to get an MRI).

I was in pain AT THE HOPSPITAL before the emergency surgery for almost 10 hours, crying..worse than labor (no epidurals either). I still believe they would not give me any strong meds because triage had tagged me as someone with a drug problem! Triage dude actually said that one woman ran over her boyfriend to get some of these drugs. I felt like running triage dude over at that point.

I felt I was 'red-flagged' in ER triage and was wondering if anyone else gets this kind of response from medical professionals because they have or had constant pain issues.

I am now doing well and no major pain meds. :wave: Just frustrated on all that I HAD to take and then got treated like I was a crackhead. Will this follow me?

I want to get that report...but $60 bones....ughhhh...frustrated! Anyone else treated that way? thanks in advance!
Hey zoeyzoe, sounds like the visit I had when I went to the hospital AUG2010 after injury to my neck. I was in so much pain ( pain down both my arms and thumb) a paramedic who was in the ambulance with me en route to the hospital told me a few days later that I was grinding my teeth.

I get to the hospital and begged for some pain killers as the pain was unlike any other pain I have ever encountered....the doc orders a cat scan...comes out fine...she sends me home. I asked for something for the pain again...she tells me I can take extra str. acetaminophen....what a joke. Three days later, an emergency MRI requested by my family doc showed that I had damaged my spinal cord from my injury.
The neurologist who looked at my MRI a week after my injury said that I should not have been released from the hospital and should have been placed on a list for emergency surgery the night I went to the hospital.

I was so pissed at the er doc for putting me in a class where she just thought I was after narcs. What she did not know is that I am a pharmacist and own my community drugstore....If I was after narcs that badly, I could have got them. Lucikly I had some Tylenol #3 at home from one of my kids wisdom teeth removal.
Just had ACDF c4,c5,c6 last week...pain in forearm and thumb still there, but not as severe....hope it eventually subsides.
But anyways, I don't think this should follow you. Deal with a drugstore where they know your pain history...what happens in the er depends on who you get I guess.

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