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I had a 2 level in December so I know hwo you feel. I have the lump in my throat and have not been abale to eat the same since before surgery. I have tingling and burning, and shoulder pain, but mainly if I sleep wrong or do too much. Can you attribute your pain to something specific. I only wore a hard collar for a few days and then have been in a soft collar. I only wear it for sleeping, driving and when my neck is really sore or tired. You had a 3 level and I only had a 2 level so that is a big difference. Just sitting at the computer for 15 minutes (guess I'm not sitting properly) brings on burning and pain in my shoulders and pain at the base of my neck. At my 6 week not bone growth, but wearing a bone stimulator 4 hours a day. What about you. I finally got a script for PT because I begged. Will start later next week. Good luck to you with the PT. Swallowing has been very difficult. I had BMP in the cages and had a reaction to it.. Major swelling and was in hospital for 5 days. Had to take steroids to decrease the swelling. I still can not eat a sandwich, bagel, burger ... heavy bread products. Drink alot of water to make sure it all goes down. I saw the swelling on the xrays, yo could have the same problem. Anxiety can cause acid reflux, but I would talk to doctor about it. Good luck and keep me posted.

2 level ACDF 12/9/2010
C5-6 C6-7
DDD, arthritis, pinched nerve and herniated disk...
trying to get back into life
enjoy hearing other success stories an issues

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