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Well, I don't have any pain at all other than the irritation that the cracking / snapping creates. I was fine the day before my rotator cuff surgery. Once I woke up from surgery I had a very stiff neck and this audible clicking. I can't imagine I have RA. I know I have that issue with my c5 c6, but that is probably related to my failed attempt at a back flip when I was 10 years old.

The cracking in my neck happens when my head is either up-right or tilted to the right. When I tilt my head to the left and turn my head it does not click. If I'm laying down and raise my head and turn it I get the worst click. It does sound like it could be tendon related.

I had an MRI and CT and would hate to have to pay again for another one. It seems to me that if they imaged the wrong area they would redo it. I told them where my problem was, base of skull, and the MRI and CT were of my cervical and don't seem to have targeted the correct area.

Anyway, I know I have c5 c6 issues, but the snapping was a result of something that happened in surgery and just want to identify it and fix it. Before the surgery I was running 3 times a week, exercising and in great shape with no neck pain.

I do like the suggestion to see a Neuro Surgeon. I may take that route.

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