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Hope that you were able to enjoy your babies christening. Have you had an MRI, CAT scan or x rays to "really" see what is happening in your neck, thoracic and back regions. You need to get some testing done to see what is causing the pain. I am not a doctor and can not say what is casing your pain. But I thought I was having migraines for years due to sinus pressure and pain. Not sure that was the case as I had ACDF C5-6 C6-7 on 12/3/2010 to take care of herniated disks, pinched nerves and other issues in my neck. Below is my story. But remember you need to seek medical attention and not just go by what people explain as their situation. Everyone is different. Be careful.

I had pain in my neck for the last 6 years. Sometimes it was worse than others. It changed the quality of my life. I have been seeing an orthopedic spine dr for the last 6 years. I have many issues in my neck. I tried cervical epidurals and selective nerve root blocks. When my quality of life decreased so much that I couldn't use my left arm and couldn't blow dry my hair, drive or take care of my family, I new it was time to have the suregery on my neck. Happy that I did, still in the recover stage.

I went back to work as a teacher (4th grade)on 2/14 (Monday). There have been many ups and downs. After school each day the recliner was my best friend for the entire evening other than dinner. I was exhausted, sore and achy a few days but in excruciating pain for 2 of the days. (took hydrocodone which I hadn't done for a very long time) Not sure what I did to cause the pain. Those 2 days I was not sure if I was going to go back the next day, but I did. I was so glad when Friday arrived. (I feel like a wimp) Now I have a week off to recuperate. Not sure how I will be when we return after the week off as the next break won't be until the end of April. (OMG)I have a great bunch of kids and additional staff that was willing to come in and help out. I did sit at my desk with a high back wonderful chair that I bought early in the school year many times during the day. I showed my kids the xrays with the hardware and they were intrigued and asked wonderful questions.
Had the eval for PT and generally it went well. There were a few things that caused pain and I let they guy know that very quickly. I am sure I will be in pain after each session next week. At least I won't be working. Still not looking forward to additional pain. Hope that they saying is true: No pain ...No gain.
Hope that all of you who have ad surgery are recovering well. Love to hear the stories.
12/9/2010 ACDF C5-6 C6-7
DDD, severe arthritis
4 hours with a bone stimulator per day
no bone growth yet
PT starts Monday had eval (painful)
Went to work as a teacher 2/14/2010

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