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11 Months later...
Feb 19, 2011
I was in an accident in March 2010 on a public transportation vehicle that was t-boned by another public transportation vehicle. The point of impact was just behind my left shoulder. I was a passenger sitting on a single seat leaning against the side and my left shoulder absorbed the concussion. I have been in constant pain for the past 11 months, receiving physio-therapy, chiro and accupuncture. The pain in my shoulder/neck/upperback/left arm/head has been terrible !!!! and has progressed to numbness, pain and tingling down my left arm to thumb and index finger and lately up the left side of my face and lips. The headaches frequently move up behind my left eye and sinus. I complained to my family physician a number of times regarding the pain (and reminded him each time - it was related to this mva on public transit). He did not refer me to any specialist commenting that maybe I just twisted my neck:mad:.

I had to be my own advocate and managed to get a referral to a physiatrist who requested imaging tests. The results came back two weeks ago. I thought I had been dealing with a shoulder injury. Lo and behold the MRI impression is Large disck herniation at C5/C6 leading to compression of the left C6 nerve root. Osteocartilaginious bar at the C5/C7 level leading in addition to mild right-sided neural foraminal narrowing. No pathology detected along the left C7 nerve root. And I also have tendenitis of the rotator cuff.

I saw the family physician yesterday (after having faxed him the results of all the reports). He just asked me what I thought of the information I sent him. (what???).

I feel marginalized and dismissed by my insurance company (that is another story) who are declining my benefits and my family physician who thinks I'm neurotic and only increased my antidepression meds.

I have told my employer I have to take time off work (like a good soldier I have been working consistently but no longer can tolerate the pain and muscle spasm) and will be starting a new treatment with osteopathy and rehabilitative pilates.

I think I have pain related depression and am not sure what to do about that.

I feel guilty for not going to work. Afraid that the pain is all in my head (really!) and neurotic for not being able to suck it up.

On top of that I have some other sort of condition (since 1994) that has never been diagnosed (chronic fatigue, fibro, lupus???) and now have arthritis to boot. Since the holidays I have been in a flare up so now have body aches, finger, wrist, toe foot and ankle pain.


There are many positives including my wonderful hubby who takes care of me.

I'm only 52 and feel like I'm 102.

Thanks for listening.

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