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Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your encouragement. My MRI report is quoted below:
Findings: Straightening of the physiologic lordosis of the cervical spine. Mild dessication of the cerfical discks. Disk height loss at the C5/C6 level. C2/C3, C3/C4 and C4/C5 are unremarkable. At the C5/C6 level there is evidence for large left-sided far lateral disc herniation with compression of the left c6 nerve root as it exits through the neural foramen with a very mild right-sided neural foraminal narrowing. The perineural fat surrounding the exiting right C6 nerve root is however preserved. The C6/C7 level is unremarkable. In particular there is no evidence for compression of the left C7 nerve root. The signal of the cord is unremarkable. The width of the cervical spinal canal is normal.

My education has really begun now that I've been made aware that I have a large herniated disc with bone spurs. I've been evaluating my symptoms and the sensations all over my body and notice that I also have pins and needles going down my left butt and yesterday I had some tingling on both inner thighs. While I still have functionality of my left arm and hand I do feel my hand is getting progressively weaker. I notice that typing is becoming more and more difficutl (left hand).

Can anyone advise how serious this injury is. From my research so far and after discussion with the therapy dude I realize I can't go bunjee jumping or sky diving. Like that would ever happen. I've also read that if I have a hard fall or another accident I could get paralyzed (is that true???).

I am in the process of changing family physicians (have an appt. in April for an assessment with a new doctor).

I'm not one to draw attention to myself and am very private about my emotions. At the time of the accident, I didn't complain (nothing broken or bleeding) and preferred not being taken to the hospital by ambulance. It was the next day that I woke up in incredible pain (heat searing on left side - neck, shoulder, upper back). The paperwork for the accident actually started a month later when I began physio, etc.

I appreciate your input.

Wishing you the best and thanks for the gentle hugs.


p.s. I also have a problem urinating. It usually takes a few minutes to pee.

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