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Hi All,

I recently started physical therapy after 3 level ACDF (9 weeks post-op now). I'm going 3 times a week with the first 3 visits going fine. After the 4th, I had increased pain and also many of the symptoms I had before surgery return--pain, tingling in the left arm and hand although not to the degree pre-op. Also some bad shoulder pain. (I imagine some discomfort is normal after PT. The nerve symptoms worry me, however). I've been icing my neck and shoulder during the evening. I continue to walk 4-5 times a week. I was doing some of the exercises from PT at home as well. I told the therapist I need to ease off during the sessions. Maybe I was over zealous in my efforts. Anyone experience this? Did you continue PT? Did your symptoms go away after completing your PT? Thanks.
Well, just completed 1 week back at work and have to say it was "challenging". I thought about going back part time, but I really needed to get a full paycheck (been on 70% pay for 3 months). Managing work and going to PT has been pretty exhausting this week. I hope to have PT for another 2 weeks and that's it. I think I can definitely continue doing exercises on my own after that, if it's necessary. I occassionally take oxycodone when it's been particularly painful (for whatever reason it bothers me to "break down" and take it). Tylenol really hasn't done much for me (Advil has been much better for pain relief, but I haven't been allowed to take since before surgery). At the end of the day, I find my shoulders really bother me. Pain, and a burning feeling. Sometimes I get the old familiar pain in my left arm, forearm and hand. Also, tingling. This has been to a much lesser degree, though. I go back to the surgeon for my 3 month check up on Monday. I'm going to talk to him about the shoulder pain (it's hurting right now being on the computer). Also, I can't understand why I've developed acid reflux after surgery either. I'm on medication for that now and the foods I can eat have changed dramatically. I still have some swallowing isssues. I think it's gotten better, though. I hope you all continue to improve and your pain levels get less and less. Have a good weekend, all.:)

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