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Hi. I am 38 years old and am diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my cervical and lumbar spine. I am also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have a positive ANA. I have bone spurs in my neck and have had them for many years. Within the past 6 months I noticed facial numbness on one side...and now within the last week it has started on the other side too. I have also noticed it in some of my fingers on my left hand. My head feels like I am hanging it upside down and all the blood had pooled there. I have vertigo and it is very hard to even function right now. I am on Cymbalta, Celebrex, and Vicodin. I am waiting on a referral to a pain specialist, which is taking forever because of an insurance mix-up. I just wanted to ask for any thoughts on the numbness and dizziness. Thank you!

I have cervical stenosis caused by bone overgrowth, ligament thickening, and disc herniations and I also get numbness in my face now and then. So far, though I've only had it on the right side of my face. It gets numb in a circular area from the top outer part of my lip, the bottom of my nose, and up around my cheek, back to the bottom corner of my right lip. That area will just go completely numb...just like when you get novacaine at the dentist. It makes things a little harder to drink and talk.

Stupid me, though, I just saw a neurosurgeon for a surgical consultation and I totally forgot to mention this to him and ask if anything in my MRI report could be causing my facial numbness. I had told my last PM doc about it, though, and he thought I might have trigeminal neuraglia (except I never get pain in my face, I only get numbness and/or pins & needles).

At C2/C3 I have minor joint hypertrophy (thickening) and it says there may be possible right foraminal narrowing. I guess either the MRI didn't see this area very well or the radiologist didn't really know.
C4/C5: I have disc bulging and no significatn stenosis
C5/C6: massive central and left paracentral disc herniation compressing my spinal cord; Right greater than left joint thickening with osteophytes, and ligament thickening; Severe central canal stenosis, right greater than left subarticular stenosis (not sure what this is), and moderate right foraminal stenosis.
C6/C7: no herniation, no significant stenosis

I do also get dizzy once in a while. One time I just looked at something and got dizzy, it was strange, but I'm not sure if it was migraine related or not.

When I have severe neck pain, my head feels like it's way too heavy for my body and needs to be taken off....or I feel like I need to hang myself to pull my spine apart in my neck. My spine feels extremely compressed. I also get pain down my arms and in my fingers, mostly my middle fingers, though, and/or pins & needles.

If Jenny is right about C2/C3, then perhaps in my case, maybe I do have enough stenosis in this area that it causes my facial numbness, I don't know. Or maybe I do have trigeminal neuralgia as my last PM thought.

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