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Hi all,
I posted this on the back problems board as well so if you are seeing it twice, sorry. I have experienced pain in my mid-upper back for years. Within the past couple it has progressed to a constant pain, in addition my right arm and right hand's fingers go numb at times. My last MRI showed herniations in each disc from c2-c3 down to c7-t1 although each seems to be herniated differently (as far as where it is compressing). I visited two neurosurgeons in the past few months. The first quickly said surgery is necessary and recommended dysectomy and fusion at c5-c6. The second recommended the same surgery but at c6-c7. The second was much more thorough in his exam as well as his explanation for his recommendation. After some debate with myself and research I opted to go with the second. With the surgery now less than two weeks away I am starting to freak out. I have done physical therapy, seen chiropractors, and attempted to manage the pain through various medications. PT and chiro did nothing. I do not like the idea of being on pain killers forever so stopped taken them at the beginning of last year. I guess my main concern/question is whether or not this will stop my back pain. The NS seems to think so but I don't understand how things work in the spine enough to fully believe it. He says that pain can radiate from the problem area and c6-c7 is the most likely culprit. My pain is mostly in the middle right upper back, just below where I understand c7 to be. The best I can describe the pain is a sharp, burning sensation. Has anyone experienced a similar situation - pain where I described, diagnosis, and ultimately acdf surgery. I would love your feedback as far as the relief of the back pain as well as your post-op recovery. I am only 32 years old and I have two young sons. The last thing I want, or anyone would want I imagine, is to end up worse off due to this surgery. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all

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