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I have numbness in my arms, especially during sleep. I wake up with aching, heavy arms, hurting elbows in particular. I also have bad tendonitis in right elbow now. Long history of whiplashes and general abuse as a youngster from car accidents, later motorcross racing, etc. Just moving my head around, I hear gravel, rice krispy pops, squeeking etc. Here are the guts of my MRI report from 11/10:

Neurosurgeon who has operated on my lower back for severe herniated disc, spinal cord tumor and cauda equina read this report for my neck (ordered by another doctor) and said, nothing alarming in it. You're past the real bad stuff and are lucky to be walking around.
Here we go:

"There is a mild reversal of the normal cervical lordosois, its apex at C5-C6. Craniocervical junction region appears normal. Cord is normal in caliber and intensity.

C2-C3: There is a small central disc herniation/protrusion which effaces the ventral subarachnoid spaces but does not result in any significant central stenosis.

C3-C4: A minimal retrolisthesis and diffuse disc bulge is present without associated stenosis.

C4-C5: A diffuse disc ridge complex is present extending into the neural foramina. There is some effacement of the ventral and dorsal subarachnoid spaces consistent with mild central and lateral recess stenosis. No significant foraminal stenosis is noted.

C5-C6: The disc height is diminished. A diffuse disc ridge complex is present effacing the ventral and dorsal subarachnoid spaces resulting in mild to moderate central stenosis and moderate bilateral subarticular zone stenosis, left greater than right. There is a superimposed central to slightly left paracentral disc herniation/protrusion. This results in left subarticular zone stenosis.

C6-C7: Diffuse disc bulging and marginal osteophyte formation are present. There is a mild effacement of the ventral subarachnoid spaces but no significant central stenosis."

So, what should I do?

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