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[QUOTE=Jude4340;4719955]Hello! I am facing fusion surgery C2-C5 in about three weeks. I have a really narly C2-C3 facet issue with bone spurs and bone on bone that causes constant pain. The CT shows some degeneration at 3 - 7.

When I had my facet injections it did not relieve the pain which gave the NS pause to move forward. In fact the injection in the c2,3 joint hurt so bad I nearly came off the table and it hurt for days. The NS was not happy that the injections were not successful as that is a strong diagnostic tool.

In spite of the failure of the injections we have elected to go forward based on my pain and the CT scan. He has cautioned me that it may not be successful but he is optimistic about it. I am hopeful that I can resume my regular activities and move foreward in the years to come without being limited by pain that has begun to cause depression and isolation. It has made a difference in my personality for the last year and I am so ready to get my life back.

Here are my questions for those who have had cervical posterior fusion:
[*]What did you do, if anything, to prepare your body for surgery?
[*]Which vertebrae did you have fused?
[*]How long were you in the hospital?
[*]Was it really painful afterwards? For how long was it painful?
[*]Did you need much help at home for the first week?
[*]How long did it take before you felt like you were back to normal activity?
[*]Does it still bother you at all?

Hi Jude,
I was fused from C4-C7 since I was 19, Im 51 now. Mine occured naturally, they call it congenital. I had surgery in 10/10 to fuse C2-C4 and also to insert rods from C2-C5 to lift my head as is was falling down from the 1st surgery (a laminectomy) in 1994.

To answer your questions, believe it or not I excercised to get my body ready. Carefully of course but I wanted to be as strong as I could be for the recovery.
It was extremely painful in the hospital I was there for 5 days. The pain wasnt so much from the surgery as it was from the laying in bed. When I got up and moved around it seemed to help. I was in the hard collar for 4 months.
I am still numb from the top of my head (in the back) to the middle of my back. In front Im still numb in the throat area. They did the C2-C4 fusion anterior and the rods posterior.
Normal activity? not yet. Im hoping to start excercising again in a couple of weeks as I belong to Curves and I know I cant do the exact program never could but I want to do the best I can. My back hurts so bad due to problems with the neck being so stiff.
I started driving again in 2/11, with my husband with me. I do really good, no constant lane changes like before but still pretty good.
I went yesterday by myself first time since before the surgery and did fantastic though really nervous.
You asked about normal, I am quite stiff. Maybe I can turn my head left about an inch, right alittle more, up maybe 4 inches and down not at all.
I joke that Im like a PEZ container. My Dr didnt want to fuse C2 as it causes so much loss of ROM but he had no choice he said. I trust him.
I hope I helped you, and I wish you luck.
If I can be of any comfort let me know as these forums have helped me so much.
Good Luck,

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