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Not sure if I've got the right board, but here it goes, I'll try to keep a very long story very short:
Vehicle rollover (passenger) in 2009 while at work. The roof was touching the headrest! Suggested it was whiplash, but I think it was caused by the roof forcing my head down. Pain in neck (around C3), on the left side, came and went (mostly came), Sharp stabbing pain at that location periodically for months after, which diminished to an almost dull ache most of the time. Had Physio for about 2-3 months.
Quit my (very) physical job for an office job in early 2010 (the ache was driving me bonkers, and the driving). Went back to physio because the ache was getting worse. Last October (2010) I started getting a pull to the right, which got worse for a while (had to stop working). I couldn't look forward, never mind turn left. Had some occasional finger numbness, scalp numbness, nausea, dizziness. CT, MRI, X-ray all clear. Initial diagnosis was Cervical Dystonia/Torticollis. Got a TON (400units) of botox (no EMG guidance), mostly in the SCM (left), trapezius and levator scap (right) in November-December. It has mostly worn off now I believe. On top of it there were the medication "trials" starting at diazepam and diclofenac, through the L-Dopa (BAD!!), and finally on Baclofen and the occasional celebrex.
Saw a neurologist in Feb. He said it isn't CD, though believes like the other Drs that it is from the accident (workers comp isn't agreeing yet). He wants me to see a movement disorder specialist for which I have an appointment in (ack!) July, but thinks it may be a conversion disorder (this late after the fact?). He also thinks the botox did no good (he didn't see me at my worst)
Things have eased off now, and I'm at a major plateau in any recovery. I can look straight forward, but can't look left easily, and it often hurts to do so. The muscles on the right side of my neck are prominent (normal), and on the left it looks like they are half the size. Still going to physio and doing my exercises and stretches. I've got decent anatomical knowledge from previous education, and have looked further into neck anatomy. From what I understand about what I'm experiencing I believe there is a (significant) problem with my right Splenius capitis, everything fits, from the problems turning, to the pattern of headaches and where my neck pain is (still around C3).
I can manage working for 4 hours now, for 3 days a week. Headaches are a little worse, tension and ache is a little worse, ROM is a little less, still clicking, clunking and crunching when I move. But it overall feels better for me than sitting at home! I don't feel I'm getting the help I need now because just sitting there I look "normal"....just don't ask me to turn!
Finally, my questions: Could I be right about it being the Splenius Capitis? If so what kind of prognosis is there for strengthening this muscle back to normal?
What kind of specialist should I be seeing? The movement disorder doc is another neurologist, is that who I should see? Perhaps an orthopedic Dr? A good start would be someone who could give me an actual diagnosis instead of throwing more drugs at me!
How much damage could the botox have done? my SCM was tugging hard, and was a solid knot at the top, but I think it may have inhibited the splenius capitis.
I'm in the middle of nowhere here, so specialists are hard to get to and referrals take forever. But if anybody has suggestions I would HUGELY appreciate them!
Sorry for the length of this, but if you can believe it, I actually left a bit out!

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