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Hi to anyone who reads this;

I am 39yrs old female, I never had any pain :)in my neck or my shoulders, however in October of 2010 I started to have odd sensation on my right leg. My Dr. tried all sorts of things and nothing helped, in December of the same year I started to feel numbness in all of my fingers up my left hand and arm. Had MRI don in FEb of 2011 and was told I had a herniated disk in the c5-c6. I was reffered to a neurosurgeon who then told me I need to have surgery!!! Let me tell you The news did not go well with me. From that moment on I dedicated myself to read up on anything that had to do with ACDF, ADR, the benefits and risk that came along with having the surgery. Over a one month period I saw over 6 neuro surgeons, in hope that I would get better news, but they all said that I needed the surgery because I had the herniated disk with compresion on my spinal nerves and that I could become paralyzed from the neck down and lose bladder control. The thought was verry scary. After some serouse consideration, cenceling two surgery attempts with different neurosurgeon, and lots of praying, I had the c5-6 ACDF on April 8 2011. Doc said surgery went well. I am now 5 days post op. I had one night hospital stay, I was not given any type of neck coller to wear. I was given pain medicine and a muscle relaxer which I have not taken at all. Have some trouble with eating and swollowing. Voice was week and horse the first two days, its almost back to normal today. I have small amount of neck pain when I try to look up. I will say that the first night home I did not get any sleep I kept weaking up and could not get into a comfertable position. Next nigt got some pillows and shaped them around my neck and slept a whole lot better.Some pain in the incision site, but nothing unbearable. Over all I think Im doing pretty well.
After reading all the other post prior to my sergury and after my surgery, I have to say, that I trully feel sorry for some of you. Some of you guys talk about horror stories, and pain that is so out of hand. I dont know if I will be the exception or not, but as of right now, I do not have any pain other than whats expected from this type of surgery, most of the numbness from my fingers and legs are almost gone. I think that becouse I did not jump into surgery with the first Dr. that suggested, and took the time to do my reserch and know before hand what to expect in terms of pain and side effect, it prepared me whole lot more for the outcome. I pray that I will continue with a smooth recovery so that I can get back to my active live.
My thought and prayers go out to all of you that are having a difficult time.

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