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Thought I would provide a quick update as I approach week 5 on Wednesday. Overall, I'm doing quite well although one wishes you were always doing better! My incision site is great and never did cause me any difficulty. I massage Bio Oil onto it once or twice a day in hopes of riding the scar tissue. I still have problems swallowing liquid and I do at times choke on my food :( Hoping this clears with a little more time. I was taking Gapapentin 3 times daily pre op and my NS told me that I may have to continue for a few months after surgery. Tried going off it, however nerve pain in left arm and numbness was felt in right lower leg (primarily my foot). Went back on the meds and it was significantly better. As I was struggling with this issue for almost 2 years my NS told me that nerve recovery is lengthy and I will most likely encounter phantom nerve pain as well for several months.
I am still wearing my Aspen collar 7x24 and will continue to do so until I see him again in June for my x-rays. Although I'm pretty much use to it, I must say it's not my favourite accessory ;) Neck pain and tightness across my shoulders is my biggest problem. Some days are very good and others not so good. I'm off work until I see my NS on June 22nd which is really driving me crazy!! I have a hard time reading as I can't look down and my arms tire from holding a book up! Working on my MAC more than 30 minutes tires my neck. I can feel the pain now :-(

The Surgery went extremely well from the NS point of view. My biggest problem was a large nail like bone spur pushing into a nerve exiting C6. I only spent one night in the hospital and they scheduled 4-5 which I was extremely happy about.

I'm hoping the weather here in Calgary, Alberta turns this week so I can go outside and enjoy the spring weather taking my pup for a walk! We still have SNOW on the ground if you can believe it!

I would like to tell those of you who are waiting for ACDF surgery it's not nearly as bad as you think!! Some of the posted videos on "you tube" are unbelievable and almost unrealistic! The first 7 days are the worst, however pain medication really helps. I wish all of you good luck and a quick recovery! If you have any questions pertaining to my specific surgery and post op recovery let me know.

I thought I would share a picture I took over the weekend of our house after a fresh 6" of snow fall!! This is not normal for Calgary, however here we are with snow on the ground in mid April!!! Thought you may need a laugh and a smile :)

Calgary, Alberta


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