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[QUOTE=vaslugger;4757977]Thanks for the responses.Yes I still hurt a lot even though completely fused.Got layed off from my job as I was not able to go back and got caught up in a layoff.Tired of taking percoet for pain but have to.Before I had my surgery I did lots of research and knew they called ACDF the gold standard.The only thing gold about it is the money the hospital and the surgeon got in their bank accounts.Even though I am some what better I was promised I would be able to do anything I ever did before-yeah right.Then after I keep hurting then they say even though the surgery was succesful no guarantee the pain will leave.Glad they are there but it is also just a money maker for all those involved.Just frustrated with hurting so much in back of my neck and on the side of it. Mike[/QUOTE]

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear you're still experiencing a lot of pain in your neck. I'm 9 weeks post op and just saw my Dr. yesterday. Although I've made significant improvement, I too experience a deep aching pain at the back of my neck. It gets worse when sitting in front of my pc. As an engineering manager this is my life; which concerns me greatly! I'm scheduled for a gradual return to work June 27th., most likely working 1/2 days for 4 weeks. My Dr. told me yesterday to take vitamin supplements, primarily B complex, Vit D, and protein powder. I'll be in my Aspen collar for another month :mad: As my medical insurance covered my procedure, I'm curious what the cost is in the US. I had c4-c5-c6 ACDF. I know what you're going through and I really wish you luck in your recovery. Stay positive!

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