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I had ACDF 6 months ago on C3 to C6 three levels.At my check up this week X rays were done and everything looked good.All three levels were completely fused and turned to bone-all screws were good and tight and plate looked good.But I still hurt a whole lot at the base of my neck in the back and also on my lower right neck on the bottom.It hurts a whole lot more when I stand up for a while and bend my head over and still hurts when I sit but not as bad as when standing.I take about 5 percocet in a 24 hour period and also use ibuprofen and they knock the edge off but not out totally.At 3 months I had to stop lifting light weights and watch how much I picked up but now at 6 months I am now lifting weights or can lift a lot with no pain at all which is great.The strange part is after usually being up 10 to 12 hours I usually wont hurt much at all and love that but the pain all starts over again after I lay down to sleep and get up the next day.Sleep on 2 soft pillows but I have tried some different ones with not much difference.I go back to work next week after being off a long time and it will be tough I believe as I stand as much as I sit.I dont like taking percocet but dont want to hurt and cant lose my job.I hope with time the tight and painful feeling in my neck will leave but as you all know it is tough.Trusting the good Lord for healing! Mike

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