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in order to even try and make some sense out of this report only becasue of certain wordings/findings the interpretting rad used here and some that i would expect to kind of 'see' that are not, i REALLY need to ask some questions of you?

do you just happen to have your own copy of what was your original PRE OP MRI report that you could type out here too for me? it would most definitely help alot to know just exactly as the interpretting rad saw your injuries and stated the solid findings before your surgery. there just seems like 'something' is missing here in some way that wont allow to "connect all the dots' in my head here for me. was there ANY actual cord contact pre op? just what were the major findings and what were your pre op symptoms? did you have alot more R sided symptoms before the surgery? can you possibly describe exactly what that R side is actually feeling or feeling like? trust me, i DO know how difficult it is to describe possible spinal 'perceptions' and "feelings" since i do have a cord injury. but if there is ANY way you can convey something in how you are feeling it, i will more than likely at least have a clue as to what you are referring to. it IS insane just what the human body can create in us when anything nerve or esp when sp cord related is involved. how are your reflexes on that R side, esp the leg when you tap under that knee? is it a normal 'bounce out' or pretty 'brisk' like almost a "kick out'? i am just wondering how much 'encroachment IS on or into your actual cord per that statement in the report. if the cord is being touched with any pressure at all, you will in most cases experience at least "some' level of whats called "hyper reflexia'? thats why i asked about esp the lower leg reflex on that R side? it does not state exactly where the cord is being encroched, the R or L or middle, so i am thinking/just a guess more than likely given your "feelings" in the R, that that area just 'may' be the encroached upon area?

you very obviously have some type of impact upon your CSF flow that is within the dura surrounding your cord, but i cannot for the life of me figure out exactly what is ment by the way he is actually describing it in the impressions section as the #1 finding? its just that normal CSF flow goes up and down(there is a timed ebb and flow like every 4-6 seconds? cannot recall exact number) within the WHOLE dura but goes 'around' the actual cord from the brain down one side to sacrum then flows back up to the brain again on the other where it replenishes itself, like a looong repetitive constant loop 24/7?) and this kind of actually sounds like he describing that as more 'side to side', as in "coursing across the entire interspace in symetric fashion"(symetric basically means like sides of or mirror image?). not too sure just what particular "interspace" he is referring to here(tho definitely within that dura). the WHOLE dura meaning somehow "across" the actual cord itself to the other side(the 'mirror image"?). or 'just" within the anterior interspace alone, but somehow going back and forth somehow only because there does appear to be areas where there is "obstruction" which could change its 'normal up and down flow? that would possibly explain your headaches if that CSF timing and real normal flow is just not getting to where it needs to be. or it could be allowing too MUCH CSF within the brain at one time too because of kind of a back up which would also raise up your intracranial pressure too. either way, that pressure if obstruction is present, would be 'off' in some ways.

another wierd finding(2) is that whole fused area also appears to have NO actual herniations, bone spurring/oseophytes present and yet you definitely, per the report have CSF 'effacement" at those fused levels? the one thing i really don't understand here is considering what is being 'pushed into' that dura or impacting the thecal sac in order to even HAVE that impact ON the CSF flow, he never uses either words, 'thecal sac or dura" at all.(tho he does mention in the first finding 'epidural fat' which IS on the outside. but that is as close as he gets here.) thecal and dura are both words to describe just what the surronding covering is called that holds that CSF inside surrounding the cord area? you would just 'usually' see at least either one of those woirds used in what is being described in this report. i am just wondering since the top level of your fusion just IS involved here, if that whole fused section also may have shifted forward too which could impact that anterior CSF, but it in that case also it would have to be pressing onto or into that dura or thecal and he does not state anything actually 'is' at all. very confusing. but there IS definite level of obstruction in there and congestion.

so i am just wondering exactly what was indeed stated and "wrong within your spinal' on the initial report that just possibly could be involved now as a residual problem that may have been there pre op, just never properly taken care of, or was not significant 'enough" to warrent any 'fix' at that stage? so seeing that report for me anyways would be most helpful. hopefully the interpretation was NOT done by this same interpretting radiologist. this particular report just is not really defined real well compared to what really 'should be' more defined?

just so you know this and your NS probably may have mentioned this to you pre op? whenever we have a fusion done, esp in the c spine, the levels directly above and blow the fusion CAN and usually do become at least somewhat problematic too over time since things simply are not at all 'moving" as they should and weight gets displaced a bit too on the verts and discs. i too am dealing with this crap right now as well.

i hope i did not casue you even more confusion here. this report just is not a really detailed one considering the findings with esp the CSF flow. i would LOVE to know just exactly what that all means too myself. marcia

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