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oh, i too definitely think this is coming from your c spine, just considering the insanity he found during that surgery alone and where those fragments were too? who knows what occured in that OR and all that 'digging" he did. how long ago was that surgery and just how much hardware do you actually have in there sammy, i forget? it 'could be' a possible shifting of hardware or something else just do to "with it' like my stupid screws are doing in my c spine? but i doubt anything THAT freakish could happen twice, lol. depending upon just 'how" that hardware was initially placed too and how well he got it in there could also impact the whole area, along with your ongoing flip flopping you just did in bed during that time as well(i DO recall your "sleeping habits", lol)? it may have at the very beginning also "moved/shifted something too right when it was at its more vulnerable stages post op. but there are other things too like osteophytes which according to my CT are also built up behind my c 6(its stated as a lg "complex") and actually indenting the thecal too(this was NOT at all stated in my MRI because once again, that dang blurring of the hardware was there preventing it FROM being seen? i also have some forward crap as well and anything in that front area can also push into our esophagus pretty easily(more pronounced upon flex and ext too) since so much is sitting right up against that spinal column and in such a tiny area within our necks too, ya know? esp at c 5-6 levels where you have the larger parts of the trachea, esoph, the spinal column and the muscles/ligs and tendons too all 'in' that tinier area? i do believe the smallest "opening" where that spinal cord runs thru that vert/bone segment IS at like C 5 too? all the c spine bones are a bit different in size and shape depending upon the actual area they happen to sit. but more often i see what i have in other peoples posts mostly because it happens to even be that 'skinnier' area within the neck as ventral cord flattening at usually only c 5 level. this was actually even on my initial MRI way back in 2001. now its really progressed, behind and in front as well with more bulging, osteos and slippage. and VERY degenerated. but its also being attacked from underneath by the dang screws too. just sick really.

like 5 years ago, my primary WAS going to send me for that 'swallow test" that FF up there mentioned trying, but i think that was when my annie decided to pop in, and i was also waiting for my knee surgery too, so the timing sucked and we never got back when other crap popped up with my youngests brain injury, so much for anything getting done then. but i do see my verts moving into MY esophagus sammy, it IS just a possible that yours could be too hon. look at your last MRI CD and just see how that particular area looked then. if anything was simply moving into your esophagus space on THAT last MRI, its more than likely progressed at least some by now.

i just think at some point getting a contrasted CT would really be a great idea just to really finally SEE that hardware area much more clearly and ALL the harder boney areas MUCH much more clearly too, along with contrast helping to better highlight vessels running thru there as well. i have like two totally different reports depending upon the MRI or that CT right now(and i could not even use the contrast part because of my kidneys. this ALL showed itself only upon CT without it). i will be meeting back with my neurologist next friday. that should be fun. i KNOW it will be a bounce back to the NS i saw with what is NOW a surgical situation that was NOT when i saw her back in like sept last year so she SENT me to the neuro for deeper/further testing? too freaky, and oh, yippie. i am going to end up with a erector set of some kind placed in there at THIS sick point.

find out from your PM just exactly where he DID that last set of ESIs and where he plans to do THIS round too and let him know about what you felt in your throat post injection too. he should be able to shed at least "some' light on this as to the 'whys'? and what specific nerves would have been impacted with the steriods too. have you asked him at all about trying that one stellate, just to 'see/feel' what happens? i would make sure to journal this round of ESIs and write down everything that you feel and when and how too. it may lead to something based upon how the 'onset' of the dizziness appeared to follow the last set and your swallowing/throat issues too. i would also write down what you recall clearly that happened with that previous one too. this way you wont forget stuff like i KNOW we both have a tendency to do? i always journal all my procedures/injections, esp my symp blocks with the last round being six days of hell before i finally got the needed relief from the hot cold burn in my knee? but i always ended up with MORE pain after any ESIs done too. do not know why, but any inj always gets worse before it gets better in me. when do you see your PM next hon? marcia

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