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The surgery prevented any further damage and stabilized my spine. I regained grip strength with physical therapy, and have regained some balance, but my situation is complicated, since my lumbar stenosis is what originally caused my left leg to be weak and contributed to the fall that I had. I fell backwards and hit the base of a granite tombstone with the back of my neck. Foolishly I thought I wasn't injured severely and didn't get checked out for that, but as the symptoms of spinal cord compression worsened over the next nine months, I had a cervical MRI which showed the damage to the vertebra. Since the nerves were permanently damaged, I still have numbness, tingling, pins and needles, burning in feet, hands, elbows, upper arms. If I hadn't stopped the damage, I might not be able to walk, or use my hands. The fusion with titanium plate has helped me to lead a fairly normal life. I can't walk far without a cane, but can walk short distances indoors, and I don't take any heavy duty meds. I do have to concentrate totally on walking when I walk though. Sometimes the limitations I have frustrate me, but I try to consider that others are much worse off. Most of the pain that I have other than the neuropathy is caused by my lumbar spine, which is not considered something that surgery will help. I deal with that my limiting certain activity and resting when needed. I have heard of many on these boards who have had successful surgeries, and I know of a few friends that have also with pain relief. Mine was just to stop the damage.

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