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My ACDF three years ago was about a 3 hour surgery, spent 2 nights in the hospital, wore the neck brace for two weeks, and was released to drive at that time. I had very little pain from the actual surgery. Most of the pain that I have is from the nerve damage sustained from the delay in having my problem addressed due to it not being diagnosed soon enough. I had PT at around 6 weeks after surgery to increase arm and grip strength. It was a successful surgery to stop further damage to my spinal cord.
I've been dealing with the same thing since April. C6-C7 and my cord is "impressively" distorted there. The two discs above are also slightly herniated. I've had neck pain, weakness in my arm, and pain and numbness in my hand. A round of steroids seemed to help, but already today I feel worse than yesterday. I'm getting mixed signals from doctors. One suggested two rounds of steroid injections then if that doesn't help he would do a posterior foraminotomy. Another wanted to do ACDF in 2 weeks after I met with him. A third doc (a PA that I had to see in order to get into the surgeon I would want to do surgery) gave me oral steroids and neurontin for the arm pain and told me to deal with it with meds as long as I can. I'm seeing that third surgeon on July 1st. I am also afraid that if I don't get it fixed my nerve damage will worsen or I will get in an accident that will severely injure my cord. It's so hard to know what to do!!!!

Let us know how it goes. You're in my thoughts!!!!

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