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Re: Neck condition
Jul 13, 2011
Neck10 - Not a great MRI for someone as young as you, but the radiologist's report doesn't point to any serious problems. Not saying you don't HAVE problems - of course you do - only that they are not indicated in the MRI and so are probably not resulting from cord compression or foraminal blockage.
Re: Neck condition
Jul 27, 2011
Precisely. One year prior to the neck injury i had a shoulder injury which gave me tendinitis. My right shoulder was slammed into a wall from behind and as a result had severe burning pain that lasted for an hour. After that, i couldn't use my right arm for various sports anymore such as tennis, baseball, and football because of the inflaming pain that is would cause.

I already had a weak shoulder a year later when i was lifting weights. I was doing a hang-clean of about 200 pounds when the incident happened. At that time, i was on my last set and exhausted from a days workout. I got it up to my chest and then pushed it to bring it up over my head. I got it half way up and was trembling with weakness. Then a loud pop echoed throughout the room as a bone in my neck shifted to the side (i think to my left) and popped back into place within a split second. I immediately dropped the weights from loss of strength, walked backwards, and collapsed on a 45 degree angled bench. I sat/laid there as i felt the right side of my neck harden and stiffen up to the point where i couldn't move it towards my left shoulder. Turing it to look to the left or right was too painful so i walked around like i had a cast on my neck for the rest of the day. As the days went by, i could move my head in various directions a little more each day. After that, lifting weights became a painful activity so i dropped out of weight training class. Then a year later i started getting pain in my back from riding in vehicles and washing dishes. It eventually became unbearable so i went to see a chiropractor. The pain went down but would eventually come back after not seeing him for a week or so. A year later i got tired of making regular visits and spending money so i stopped seeing chiropractors and started taking free yoga classes. Doing yoga a couple times a week kept the pain down to bearable. However, as the years passed it became more and more difficult to keep myself warm in the winters. I would ear five layers of clothes and sleep with 5 blankets over me to avoid the piercing cold pain. By the forth winter i couldn't take it anymore and wanted out. I moved to Hawaii and stopped doing yoga. Even Hawaii has a cool season and left 7 months later before it came because i traveled lightly on foot with no winter clothes. I then moved to Thailand. A year later the pain became unbearable again and started seeing a chiropractor in Bangkok. Five years later and I'm still living in Thailand. I tried doing yoga again but now its just too painful. If i don't see my chiropractor on a regular basis (at least twice a month) then the pain will go back to unbearable. I went to one chiropractor who tried electromagnetic impulse therapy (or something like that) on me. He put it on the lowest level and my body spasmed like crazy all over on about the third session and i said no more. On a prior session he told me afterwards, "Your blood has gotten a lot thinner since the last time i saw you." I said, "That must be due to the cool weather." He lowered his eyebrows in confusion and disbelief. The temperature had only gone down to the mere high 60s as the low for less than a month. As the years go by my body gets skinnier no matter how much i eat.

My neck injury is directly connected to my shoulder injury. I suspect a ligament has been severely damaged. I can feel a tight pain starting behind my right ear going all the way down to my right shoulder where the tendinitis is. Sometimes the straining pain is so irritating that i just want to grab the soft tissue and rip it out. Any type of massage or pressure increases the pain 2 to 10 times. I have a hard time breathing and swallowing because of the tightness in my neck. About 6 months ago i had a retired masseuse give me a light massage. I told her to stay away from the neck but she insisted on just feeling it. She applied oil and massaged lightly in various places on my neck, shoulders, back, and waist. In almost every spot she felt she exclaimed, "the 'line' is damaged or has decayed" or "there's a limestone here" or "you have fascia here" that is, if i translated her words correctly. She used the word 'line' as a general term which means nerve, tendon, ligament, vain, or blood vessel. That reminds me, i do sometimes get nerve pain that runs all the way down my arms to my figures. My body is fragile. Fractured bone take years to heal and broken bones don't heal at all.

Nowadays i take so many pain killers that I'm a little concerned about my liver. I look forward to any input you may have. Thank you for reading.
Re: Neck condition
Jul 27, 2011
neck10, read your post. I really recommend not to go to chiropractor for treating neck pain. They can make your situation worse.

Tell me something, are you able to sleep at all? just wondering. able to rest your neck on the pillow?

Have you tried ice packs? recently I started to lose my mind cause of this neck pain and started ice packs - it helps a little. At least, not going so nuts.

Some of what you described here sounds like what I have and some don't. I also have a tight pain pressing inside my neck going down. I have this pain radiates towards the front of my neck. Neck pain is usually left side. and it is only getting worse as years go by. It is tight also, drives me nuts.

I am suffering from cold also but it does not affect the neck. I am in pain 24/7 all of the time.

The only thing I have read recently is about the new machine called MCU = multi cervical unit and it is for neck injuries. Do they have those in Thailand? I read they only have those in the u.s, canada, and australia. This machine is for strains and sprains.
I suggest, you talk about it with your doctor where you live. Perhaps they do not have it over there in Thailand but at least your doctor or the orthopedic surgeon can tell you if you are a candidate for it. If they say you are and they do not have it over there in Thailand...I would move. but before you move anywhere you need to find out if they will let you use this machine. It is better to let physical therapist do it and not chiropractor(forgot to mention, ask a physical therapist where you live).

I just hope they will let me use this machine, as this is the only hope I can have now.
If they will tell me cause of my minimal bulging disks I cannot do it I will go nuts. This is probably my last hope. I saw on videos people who said it gave them their lives back.
I want to talk with somebody here who has used this machine but nobody here is familiar with it yet. It is a pretty new machine.

5 years of suffering and no hope in sight.

I hope I gave you some hope.

P.S no wonder they have this saying pain in the neck. no kidding.

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