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History: My mother is a Nurse Practitioner in interventional radiology and works with three Radiologists. I called her with my symptoms of neck and back pain (like a horrible crick down right of spine) that wouldn't go away. I had right shoulder pain, headaches, right arm numbness and tingling and later that numbness went to my face and neck (rt side) as well. I was informed it could be something important and I should go to my Dr. and have an MRI ordered. The Dr. saw me and agreed. He also gave me two injections in the neck while I was there. Not sure what they were but I recognized the name of a steroid in the mix as he ordered the nurse to bring it. The MRI was performed at the hospital and the radiologist interpreted it as : The vertebral bodies are normal in height with REVERSAL NORMAL CURVATURE centered at C5-C6 level. The marrow signal of the vertebra is within normal limits. The disc heights are well-preserved. C5-C6: There is a disc osteophyte complex worse in the left paramedian position with mild left central canal stenosis. After review of the MRI I sent a copy to my mother and the 3 docs she works with. They all agreed...NOT GOOD that I needed a neurologist. Once my family Dr. got the results, he and his Nurse practitioner said there was no need to see an orthopedic Dr. and referred me striaght to a neurosurgeon. My appointment was yesterday. He did a physical exam of my reflexes/strength and questioned me about my symptoms. I told him that after the shots I still have the symptoms, but they are less and they seem to relocate from one place to another as opposed to all areas like before. He looked at me like I was crazy and said let me look at the MRI again. He came back and said there was no logical explaination for my symptoms that all he noticed was some arthritic changes that he would expect to see in someone of my age (36). I asked if it could be the nerves causing it...he said there was no nerve compression. I asked about kyposis and he said there is some but it is nothing that would cause symptoms. I asked if it could be muscle related and he said he could not say what would cause it but that it is not spine, nerves or spinal chord isues and he could not help other than order a nerve test and then proceeded to tell me how painful and expensive they were and usually didn't show anything that he would not have noticed on physical exam anyway and well...i could tell he was trying real hard to talk me out of it like I was wasting his time. I was so humilliated. He made me feel like he thought I was making everything up. Thing that really got me is that the 4 Radiologists 2 nurse practitioners and 1 MD that saw the results agreed and he pretty much told me they were liars. Correct me if I am worng, but isn't central canal stenosis compression of the spinal chord? and if your spinal chord is compressed isn't it logical to think the nerves would be as well since they surround the spinal chord? And since the kyphosis was first noticed 7 years ago by a rheumetologist and has progressively gotten worse to the point of causing stenosis and radicular pain, shouldn't some kind of preventative action be taken to keep it from getting worse? Why would a doctor do that? Maybe it is because I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and he thinks it is a "cry baby" diagnosis. Let me tell you I have been to the hospital 6 times in my life - 2 children, 1 LEEP for cancerous cells, 1 total hysterectomy for endometriosis, 1 removal of a gallbladder that was full of stones, rotten and causing elevated enzymes in liver before I ever even hurt bad enough to go to hospital, and 1 time to have the tip of my index finger sewn back on because I cut it off in the house door and even then the pain was not I don't just go to Dr. for no reason. Maybe it is not as serious as all the others were saying or maybe it is to risky for him to want to deal with? I left his office doing everything I could not to cry until I got in my car. I did not want to be hurt, I did not want to need surgery, I was already scared to death and then I was humiliated by some jerk doctor. What ever happened to bedside manners? I was wearing over $20,000 of diamonds, carryinhg a $350 purse, have wonderful insurance and my husband owns a finance company - but he acted like I was some street person who couldn't pay for another test and told me I probably needed to go home and think about it before committing to the expense. WHAT?!?!Sorry to rant I am just upset and lost now, cause I am no better off than before. Can anyone give me their impression of what was going on with the two totally different opinions? :confused:

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