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When they do the posterior part of the surgery, they cut muscles and the tiny nerves that get cut, can take weeks and months to heal up. And when they do finally re-attach, they often announce their healing with zaps. Zaps and zings are good...they are nerves coming back to life.

As for the fatigue, the anesthesia they use for neck surgery is some of the deepest they ever use. They don't want you to "twitch" during surgery! So you are put under very, very deeply. And the deeper the anesthesia, the longer it takes the liver to get it all out of our system. It can take the body a full year to fully recover just from deep anesthesia. Fatigue is normal after deep anesthesia.

So rest when the body tells you to rest. Your liver will thank you. And let the zingers's healing. Major spine surgery takes at least 1-2 YEARS for the body to fully heal. My surgeon told me that major spine surgery is physically analogous to having a total knee replacement. Takes time.

Jenny(fused C3 to T1 and both knees replaced)

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