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Hi spineAZ - my gosh, you have given me so much good information. I've added much of your last message to my doctor aptm this Friday for pre-op. I'm not sure if he is going to give me a collar (I do have a soft one I can wear, I wear it now when I have to look down for more than a minute or two to prevent neck pain). I don't think he is planning the bone growth stimulator. My original doctor was (who was only going to fuse 2 and not worry about #3- I dumped him and found another who is planning on fusing all 3).

My husband is scouring craigslist to find me a hospital bed to use for a few weeks. I'll be at home alone from day 5 or so and it will probably help a bunch to get me in and out of bed. Then when we are done with it we can sell it again.

I am so glad you told me about the scratchy throat and still being able to eat. I've read that some people can barely swallow and that is really scaring me. I am buying soft foods just in case, and I did get some sore throat meds to bring to the hospital.

I will definitely ask the doctor about fixing anything else he finds while he is in there. I'm definitely hoping to never have to repeat this!

I live near Orlando so it is hot, but I enjoy the heat. Still I likely won't go far for a walk, and will have my husband come with me. I don't know how long it will be until I can go to the gym and get on treadmill in the AC. That is another one for the question list!

I did have the burning pain, pins and needles and completely numb arm. I had 3 epidurals - last one about 45 days ago. It must be wearing off already as pain is starting to come back in left arm already. I am hoping I'll have the surgery before it comes back in full strength. And I had a feeling of having a knife behind my left shoulder blade, it was HORRIBLE! That is the main reason I'm having this, I don't want to ever feel that again. Doc said it was the nerve root completely compressed causing the pain.

I get short term disability, so I'm not in a rush to come back. Doc said 6-8 weeks. I know they will hold my job for up to 12 weeks, so that is good. I don't want to come back for a few hours and fall asleep at my desk!

Thanks again for your kind words and good advice!!


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