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nochange, hi, have they done xrays and did they show any degeneration/arthritis in your neck? The reasone I ask is because they showed that for me and said my facet joints in my neck were arthritic thus the RFN. I don't know but maybe that would help you. I really think I have something going on in my shoulder as well as my neck and that is why there is pain in my shoulder as well. I hope the neurosurgeon can give you more insight! It is horrible when dr's say your fine, like the pain is made up or something. I am going through the motions and this chiropractor is not causing more pain, actually I feel better the past few days but know ultimately she will not resolve anything and I have to tell her it won't and I want to see someone else. I'm sure I hurt my neck in a previous car accident 11 years ago and the whiplash 2 years ago set off trouble and injured me a lot more. I have an appointment with my pain dr in a few weeks and will talk to him more but think he will want to do the RFN once more...

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